Xanthia Design

Hello there my lovelies. I’m Le, the creative behind Xanthia Design. Designed with love + joy from sunny Brisbane Australia. I am a mum to two teen boys and a wife to one south island Kiwi. For many years I was the working mum, while my hubby was the stay at home dad. We have reversed that now. So now I have proper time to devote to my loves, being design, photography and positive, joy filled messages.

My Xanthia Design Focus, or Foci

I focus on botanicals, travel and geek positive messaging. Plus I have a great range of curvy girl leggings. I love flowers, gardens and mother nature. I get inspiration from photographing suburbia. I then take my pics and create botanicals to use in Xanthia Design.

Xanthia Design Travel

Travel is one of my top five loves. Not much happening at present with the dreaded COVID. But lucky for me, I have an absolute stack of pics from years of pre COVID travel. Mostly New Zealand, Japan and Australia. So I use these as part of my creative approach in my designs. Look out for my Japanese Ferry Girls, so proud of that one.

Geek Positive Messaging

My third theme is geeks, especially geek girls. I grew up in the ‘be pretty and dumb’ era. Girls didn’t go to uni much. Girls were not meant to like science or geeky things. I loved science, I went to uni and for 20 something years worked in a completely male-dominated workspace.

Now as a mum myself I have geek sons. Not sporty at all. So I want to see brains, book smarts, left of centre kids celebrated, the way we do sporty kids. So I design geek positive streetwear. It’s very niche I know, but heavens we should celebrate STEM, arty, techie kids too. All kids should feel valued and loved. All kids have strengths to be applauded.

Anyway, that’s my Xanthia Design story in summary form. Always keen to hear from you if you have feedback, ideas or design you would like to see. Big squeeze, Le xox