the long welcome


I’m Le and this, my lovely, is the LOONNGG welcome.

This is my virtual space. I own the soapbox, have my art on the walls and am generally living life the way I like it, in the virtual sense at least.

I write, I share, I paint , I have opinions. So Le Plus Three is my space to share thru writing and images.  I have been writing off and on for years. Both professionally and for the sheer, indulgent pleasure. I blogged rather a lot back in the early mothering years. I am Australian so I can get a bit loud and I may even, now and then, drop the f bomb, but always in context. Not just because …

So, I am up for sharing some lessons I have learnt while working at the coal face. This is not career advice, as I never planned to have a career. If you like, you can think of this space as observations from no-one special. That would be a good way of seeing what I share in the right light.  Plus I will re-publish some of my older work as a trip down memory lane, primarily as a self indulgent ride for myself.

That said I have enjoyed an amazing ride through 15 years of tourism and hospitality and another 20 in local government. I have things I want to share. So yes, I’m #not34anymore. Plus, I was late to motherhood,  have benefited from having a stay at home husband when no man did that kind of thing, have owned my own business, been a CEO in local government five times over (the fifth was THE BEST, as finally I was more learned, than learner) and I currently own a dalmatian, which means we get to have black AND white dog hair everywhere. #blessed #notblessedhardwork

In between babies and again since December 2017 I have refocused my energies on short to medium term projects, collaborations and acting roles, mixed in with artistic endeavours and having a good ole time.

I have a head for business, but the heart of a stylist, so go here for my creative bits.  Want to share family and parenting observations, then Parent-Le is the place for you.

Why am I mixing up my professional self with my personal self, because we are one and the same. I’m past whiz-bang professionals who lack authenticity because of a self enforced notion of what is worthy and what is not. Equally, the whole perfecto parenting  scenario has to be booted in the butt, as no such animal exists, except on Instagram.

So, in honour of all that is good and real about working parents, raising kids, loving your work life and owning your good, bad and ugly, I am here with Plus Three. If you have an overwhelming, uncontrollable desire to correct my spelling or grammar, then this is not the place for you.

Cheers Le

PS Just a word … Comments and shared observations are lovely, leave as you please, but if you go all mean and horrid expect to be deleted. This is a sharing, caring space, it’s not a revenge project. If you are like a stickler for details (born a bureaucrat, got the button down shirt, die a bureaucrat) see Other Stuff.  Names, places and identifiable events will be changed to protect the innocent and dismiss legal liability. As someone who grew up in the 70s … be like the Fonz. Aaayyy Cool. Link added in case you are like under thirty.