first time here


Welcome, I’m Le and this is my virtual space. I own the soapbox, have my art on the walls and am generally living life the way I like it, in the virtual sense at least. I write, I share, I paint, and have opinions.

This is not a career advice space, as I never planned to have a career. If you like, you can think of this space as observations from no-one special. I have done a fair bit, but I’m #not34anymore so that is to be expected.

Quick rundown, school, uni, 15 years in tourism and hospitality, 20 years in local government land, late to motherhood and my favourite position is ceo.

Want to know more about my professional self then go visit me on LinkedIn.

I have a head for business, but the heart of a stylist, so go here for my creative bits.  Want to share family and parenting observations, then Parent-Le is the place for you. I won’t be there that much because I have … drum roll …. a stay at home husband. But like everyone who doesn’t really do the job (any job) I have thoughts on it.

Why am I including my personal self with my professional self, because we are one and the same. It is just easier to be me, than be you or you or you. So, in honour of all that is good and real about working parents, earning a living, raising kids, loving your work life and owning your good, bad and ugly, I am here with Plus Three. If you have an overwhelming, uncontrollable desire to correct my spelling or grammar, then this is not the place for you.

Cheers Le