Welcome to reviews at Le Plus Three. As a mum of two lads we get to do a few things, try a few things, see a few things and test a few things. Here I’m bringing you my opinion of what we thought was good, great or not so fab. Most of the reviews are for things I have paid for, if not you will see the words gifted or provided. When you see those words you will know that I was given the item to try. Where I can I will link thru to a source for the actual place or item. Sometimes it is a website, sometimes Ebay and sometimes the library.

I might even have a discount code to share and sometimes a referral code. These codes may only work for a short period of time or be invalided without me knowing. So sorry in advance if the link thru does not work when you use it.

When all is said and done I will only be positive about the things that actually work well, that I like and use, that I think are worthy and are good value. But remember it’s opinion based so as always your experience might be different, and not to forget buyer beware. Enjoy! Le