Hello there.

I am a gen x mother to two now teen boys, a wife to an adorable baby boomer stay at home dad, who is known here as MIC – man in charge – hee hee.

Our boys are known as First Born and Darling Boy. They are best mates for about three hours a week and sworn enemies from 5.30pm each night. As I came late to motherhood there is only 22 months between the wee lads.

My desire is to mother well, parent in a coordinated fashion, be a half decent life partner, to show the boys the world and it’s endless possibilities. To love and be loved. Oh and I’d like to be lighter, brighter, smarter and funnier.

I hail from Brisbane, Queensland Australia, while MIC is a South Island Kiwi who crossed the ditch in the 1980s.

We met in Bris Vegas, at work. It was lust at first sight – he after my Fiat Spyder convertible (a double cool car), me after his ass …. oh and wit and boyish charms.

We added the Fiat to his collection of MGBs and have been riding topless ever since. Well,  until the lads came and all the topless two seater sports cars went up on blocks and we semi conformed to family life and it’s added baggage.

As a couple we seem to default towards change. It was much easier to ‘up and leg it’ when we were just two. Now we are four plus dog and moving takes on a whole new dimension.

MIC was reminiscing …. he was recalling the days of long lost youth when he could move locations with only his motorcycle and a backpack. He recalled, with horror the day he had too much stuff and needed a car. Then he met me and it was a truck, now we have the lads and it is a container. First it was a 20 foot one, now we need a 40 footer.

As a family of four plus dog, we have lived in Queensland (Brisbane, Toowoomba, Burke, Forrest Beach), New South Wales (Oberon) and New Zealand (Clyde and Aramoana).

As a family, our notion is to share, yell less and laugh lots. Lofty goals, as most days I just manage one out of three. Talk more soon, Le.

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