True story, I have a beautiful life. I have a darling husband, two teen boys, a super attentive dog, and enough resources to sustain our way of life. Yes, I have worked hard to get to this space. But predominately what makes my life beautiful is choosing how I respond to what life throws at me.

Life is what you make it based on how you choose to respond to what is around you. True responsibility is understanding that it is your ability to choose the response that brings about your own happiness, or every other emotional response. I work at making me the source of my own happiness. I am definitely a glass half full girl. Always have been, and given my choices, always will be.

This doesn’t mean bad shit is absent from my life. Nooooo. Nor does it mean I make the best choices, best decisions, every time. Definitely NOT. I cry loads, have been known to rant at the system, have my ego squashed repeatedly and feel sad when things go wrong for me or just wrong for anyone, human, animal, plant or mineral. My life is littered with past failures and I am certain future fails yet to strike. But they are my failings, my learning curves, and in my thought process only those who never try, never fail. Read about my early years where the Cs on my school reports did not indicate I was ever going to be anything, let alone a CEO. I couldn’t even spell three syllable words till I was 11. But I have been a CEO a number of times over and it was so, so enjoyable. Still don’t spell well. Spell check I love you.

My life now consists of a flow that works for me. And this is what I find beautiful. I find beauty and it’s sister joy in the small things. The clouds, a colour, the breeze, a bird, the sunrise and set, a cold beach, a flower. Dr Libby Weaver said something like … “find the joy in something that depends on no other person to deliver and practice finding and recognising that.” I think of joy like a muscle, use it or loose it. Use it and it grows stronger, don’t exercise it and your joy muscle will fade away. I get this and practice it. And I want to share bits of my joy with you.

My joy of travel knows no bounds. My love of art and photography sustain me. My devotion to cold beaches and the ocean soothes my mind. My joy of movement has recently been rekindled. Ya me!!

In sharing he joys of my life with you my hope would be to add some joy to your day too. Cheers Le