MIA | Lost in Poshmark AU

Hello my lovelies, how are you all, long time no see. Apologies for being missing in action. But I’m back now and I’m back to share my new hobby business with you. Yes, I’m a Poshmark Australia seller. I have a posh closet, I’m a posh ambassador and I’m going to share my posh referral code with you for a $10 shopping credit.


My posh closet is called Loti and Tom, and you will find it here. But take a step back, have you heard of Poshmark AU? Nope, well neither had I until May 2021. But when I was watching one of my American YouTube girlies, she talked about selling and buying from Poshmark, the US version of course.


The whole thing just resonated with me and I looked into it more. Well, saints be praised there was a Poshmark AU too. Only a baby, only been with us since February 2021. I joined on May 5 2021. It was like I had found my perfect hobby business, side hustle, extra dosh, call it what you want. It’s fun, won’t make me fat, has zero carbs, makes no mess and creates a cash flow from something I love, being fashion, thrifting and decluttering. Plus I’m saving the world from overwhelm, one dress at a time rehomed, saved from landfill, circular economy, you get it. Want to know more ….


If eBay and Instagram had a baby it would be Poshmark. It’s a selling platform, a reselling platform and an ecommunity wrapped into one. The basic premise is I have something I want to sell, clothes, homewares, pet products, beauty or such. I list it and beautiful buyers come buy it. So that’s the ecommerce bit. The ecommunity bit is a whole bunch of like minded folk who adore second hand, embrace preloved, rave over retro, light up at a bargain and never ever want to pay retail again.


Here’s a quick YouTube from me on how to buy from Poshmark Au.

Buying from Poshmark AU is easy. Get the app or go to a desktop and use my referral code – LOTIANDTOM – to grab yourself a $10 shopping credit from Poshmark HQ. Once you buy or sell something then I get $10 too. WIN WIN.


Got questions, well I have the answers. Just leave a comment or pop across to my YouTube as I may well have done a video on whatever you want to know. It took me five days to sell my first item, a ring. Now in four moths I have sold over 87 listings, found new homes for about 90 items and made around $1600, and that’s after the Poshmark commission. If I take out cost of good sold I have around $1300 in my back pocket.


Finally, just before I go here’s what I sold in August 2021 if you are interested. Big love Le xox

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