MIA | Road Trip Time

Hello my lovelies. Apologies for the delay in transmission. I haven’t been MIA, nor too busy, just lacking in focus and commitment. Brisbane had another three day lock down. Stay home orders ensured and I cancelled our trip away. But all was not lost and we rebooked for the following week. We are still in mask wearing status which is SO FINE by me. I am still one of the great unvaccinated as we wait for Pfizer vaccines to find Australia. And no, I’m not getting the AZ vaccine. Someone near and dear to me did and ended up clotted and in hospital. So I’ll pass, wear my mask and wash my hands. A lot.

It’s a Road Trip – Day One

But back to happier tales. Me and the darling boy, son number two, got our road rip vibe on and went down the highway to the Scenic Rim. Ahhh, it’s so lovely. We had a wonderful two nights in Boonah with a gorgeous woman we love and adore, before we hit the road to the GC. Here’s the day one VLOG for you.

Day Two Thrifting in Boonah and Lunch at Lovetts

We loved Boonah and it’s country charm. Heads up the Salvation Army Family Store (thrift shop) is a jam packed hive of thrifting goodness. The St Vinnies is amazing but as St Vinnies are now days, a tad more expensive than I like to see, but still doable for something special.


I am right into Poshmark at the moment. And you should be too if you are in Australia, Canada or the US. It’s a platform for preloved finds, for you, the Mr, kids, fur babies and home. We are there at Loti and Tom. That’s our closet name. And I just love it. I am listing surplus from my own wardrobe and sharing my thrifting finds that didn’t work for me once I got them home.

I love preloved fashion as it makes me feel like we might just save the world from drowning in more cheap fast fashion. I know it’s a drop in the ocean, but each to their own effort right. Poshmark is free to use and if you sign up using my code LEPLUSTHREE you will get $10 off your first purchase from any closet in Australia … get on it! Download the app or go to www.poshmark.com.au Sing out if you need a hand as the more the merrier.

Here’s our day two VLOG for your amusement.

Come back and see days three and four soon. Still putting them together. Until then, love, hugs and have fun poshing! Le xox

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