LIFE | Decluttering Rationale + Hygge Minimalism

Hello my lovelies, it’s a life chat today on my decluttering and minimising rationale. I am well on the way to meeting my July 1 deadline to have all our New Zealand boxes unpacked. Thus far I have tackled the kitchen boxes, linen, my clothes, the boys clothes and some miscellaneous stuff like material.

It’s a Journey

It’s a journey, not a race, although I have set myself the July 1 2021 deadline. It’s good to have a timeframe to work to. It’s motivating on some level. Unpacking stuff from the 40 foot shipping container, from two households, from a cold weather climate, is not fun. But it has to happen. And I am the woman to make it happen. Mostly because my two sons and husband are not making it happen any time soon.

Why Declutter

I am choosing now to downsize and declutter as some factors have made it an obvious choice and I have the time. Since we didn’t have our stuff for 18 months I have replaced some of it. Plus I have lost 26kgs, the boys have grown 30cms and we don’t live in a cold place now. We were in the south of New Zealand and are now in the north of Australia. So our winters here in Brisbane are like Dunedin summers. That climatic difference changes what we need to live and how we want to live.

We have a very small 1913 cottage here in Australia. With three bedrooms, one bathroom, a lounge and combined kitchen dining room. No built ins and an under the house open laundry and car spaces. Plus a front veranda and back deck. In New Zealand I had combined eight bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study, two lounge rooms, two kitchens and two dining rooms, four car garaging, across two houses. So as you can see, the sheer volume of space I have to work with has decreased significantly. I’m ok with this.

So if I don’t need it, I don’t want to store it and I want to pass it on. I want to hold only the functional items we need and those things that add value and bring joy to our lives.

Plants bring me joy, plants can stay till I kill them of course …

What am I really doing

I am of the mind that less stuff equals less clutter and less clutter gives rise to peace of mind. I like calm, I like quite, I like white space. Visual clutter is just another form of distraction, a form of need. I don’t want to need to organise and store stuff I don’t use.

So my end game is to donate, sell, give away and generally end up with less. Less stuff, more time, less belongings, more space, less clutter, more peace of mind. With less stuff to look after I want to buy back time.

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I still want Hygge

I still want cosy, I still want homey and I still want comforts. I want a warm sense of calm, peace and tranquillity to call home.

Hygge is a Danish word for a mood, it’s more than a decorating thing. It’s a feeling of cozy-ness and comfortable conviviality with big smatterings of wellness and contentment. I am aiming for minimalist hygge. This is now me, or a mid life crisis, not quite sure yet. Time will tell.

I want a place for everything and everything in it’s place. I am a law and order girl when it comes to the home front as above all else it brings me joy and contentment to be organised. Plus flowers, I want flowers now and always.

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Tell me, what brings you peace and contentment, sprinkled with joy and happiness? I’d love to know, Le xox

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