KETO | Low Carb Drinks to Love

Hello my lovelies, and how are you today? Trust all is well in your low carb world. Bringing you some new Aussie supermarket finds today! Have you noticed a proliferation of lower carb drinks popping up in the main stream grocery shops in Australia? Well I have. First there was Nexba, which I got quite excited about. Ya to the Nexba folk and their no sugar drinks. As an aside the Nexba team are Aussie boys, Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Their story is here.

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Sick of Smoothies

As a low carb keto girl I have found myself getting a little tired of the collagen smoothie. Yes, I love smoothies, especially raspberry, as much as the next low carb keto queen, but. And I do love a good cold black decaf coffee or a decaf iced latte on almond milk. But, but I wanted something else.

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Hello Sexy

What I really wanted was a coloured, cocktail inspired, sugar free, complex flavour, adult bevie to sip on my back deck and give me an oh la la feeling of joyful playfulness. And I found it … I actually found three, six if you count each flavour. And to add astonishment to the list I found them all in Woolworths, Coles and Aldi!! What the fudgsicle!!

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Cheap as Chips

And because they came from said grocery shops, the bevies did not cost me $6 a bottle. NO SIR -EE …. And all three are, wait for it …. made in AUSTRALIA !! It’s the holy trinity … cheap, sugar free and made here. Plus cool names … drinks by StrangeLove, Perkii and The Famous Soda Co. I so love the Pineapple Soda by StrangeLove, the Strawberry Watermelon by Perkii and the Blood Orange by the Famous Soda Co.

And yes, before you ask, I bought them all with my own money, so honest appraisals coming your way.


You may not know I’m an old marketing girl from way back. So the bonus for me here, besides low carb, low cost and deliciously sexy beverages, is the packaging. StrangeLove is weird cute, Perkii is quirky nerd and Famous Soda Co is retro hip.

Get on it

So do yourself the proverbial favour and nip down to your supermarket of choice and nab yourself a guilt free tipple. StrangeLove was at Aldi, Perkii is in Coles and Woolies and the Famous Soda Co is in Coles. Plus all bevies can be ordered online and delivered to your door for added COVID19 convenience.

Anyhoo, that’s my big news for today, come back soon and I might solved your low carb keto cracker crisis, you know, just because I can, love Le xox

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