KETO | Ditch the Guilt

Hello my lovelies …. great to have you along for the ride today. So, I have a question for you. What’s the most useless emotion on a low carb keto diet? Give up, here’s a hint. Starts with G and ends in UILT. Yep, guilt. Guilt. Guilt Guilt. It’s time to ditch the guilt!

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Why is there so much Guilt …

Every forum I read in the low carb keto space has a whole lot of people, predominantly women, bagging themselves out over a slip up. A food slip up. Not an ‘ended someone’s life slip up’, a food slip up. The guilt is dripping off their posts, the angst, the self flogging, the self judgement. And to what end? To no useful end.

Give Guilt the Flick

I’m saying guilt has no place in a low carb keto headspace. We do the best we can do in any given moment. Full stop, the end. The choices you make are your choices, and we need to own that. But we can own our choices without guilt, right.

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Ditch Guilt and Replace with an Enquiring Mind

Unless you were held down by a bunch of angry minions and force fed a bagel, the choice to eat the bagel was yours. So deal to it. Understand it’s done. Understand why you made the choice. Unpack that and leave the guilt for something worthy of guilt. Feel guilty if you forget your mum’s birthday, that woman birthed you and you should have remembered. But feeling guilty about falling off the low carb keto wagon serves no purpose.

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Use your inherent understanding of self to unpick the behaviour, without adding a layer of useless guilt. Guilt is a distraction, a woe is me self indulgence that takes your attention away from the main game. Self reflection is your best bet. Know you are the master of your own domain (thanks Seinfeld for making that phrase a permanent reference point in my head) , and if you so desire it, then make different choices going forward. While you are at it, congratulate yourself for all the great choices you have made in the ‘what goes in my mouth’ stakes. But most of all MOVE ON. Tomorrow is another day, this too shall pass and just get on with your low carb keto pathway.

Here’s a wee video about what I really think of keto and guilt.

Wishing you continued joy, progress and growth on your low carb keto journey. See you next time as I explain further how I’m applying what I have learnt from low carb keto to the rest of my life, Le xox

PS Low carb keto recipes here to help you on your way.

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