LIFE | Simplify, redefine and minimise

Hello my lovelies, and how are you? So talking life today. I feel the time is right for a little realignment of self. Now that I have mastered low carb keto and have minimised my health issues, I think it is time to go to work on the rest of my life. I have simplified my eating for the better by minimising carbs, and now I think I can apply some of that thinking to my life more generally.

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About 20 months ago I started an online course on minimalism. I didn’t get far into it as I found the presenter’s style too boring … the way he went on and on just did not work for me. More recently I have been watching some YouTube peeps share their decluttering and minimalism stories. One woman, Marissa Zen, was even a hoarder back in the day. Another woman, Dawn, is the Minimal Mom. I feel like I relate better to these two women as they come at it from a mothering and family perspective.

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So I have started small. I have unsubscribed from a whole range of online stuff. You know the usual sales and marketing, plus some self improvement stuff and a whole bag of social media tips and tricks. That felt great.

The next place is my clothing. I don’t have a massive amount of clothes anymore. Going low carb keto took me from a size 18 back to a size 12. In the past I would have boxed up my bigger sizes to store for the day I got fat again. But I am not doing that this time. I have discovered POSHMARK so am selling some of my better pieces on there.

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The other thing that has changed, two things actually is a) I don’t have a full time job anymore and b) we don’t live in a cold place. So I have lost weight, lost the need for merino and lost the need for business attire. So I am photographing 30 days of what I wear to get a handle on what pieces I use and what gets left behind.

The thought is if I can accurately understand how I dress now, then I can reduce my stock on hand to reflect that. Sounds like a plan right. I’m calling it my #30daysofoufits challenge. Maybe you need a challenge too? I’m on day four and it has already made me more considered in what I choose to wear. I have realised I was saving my favourite pieces for days I would leave the house. But now I realise I should wear them even when I’m just staying home, as it changes my vibe for the better.

Raspberry Fat Bombs

The other space I am doing is the kitchen cupboards. I am going to farewell the items I have not used in the last six months. Plus the ones I am just off. So farewell to the slow cooker and the pie maker. As much as it pains me to admit it I just am not a slow cooker girl. I have not mastered the art of the slow cooker. So farewell thee slow cooker, off to Gumtree you go. The pie maker was fun for a few months. But I prefer to make my pies in the muffin tray. Smaller pies work better for us, so sayonara to the pie maker. Those two chunky things give me back half a cupboard of kitchen real estate. BOOYA!!

Yesterday I did the bathroom cupboard. I am bashful to say that probably close to $100 of hair care and face stuff went in the bin, along with out of date medication and such. I can now see my stock on hand and realise I have both toothpaste and deodorant stores to last till about 2024. But it feels good to know this.

Anyways, this is where I am heading. Off down a path of reduction and conscious consumerism. Wish me luck! I shall keep you posted on my progress.

By the way, new keto low carb baking video up on YouTube today. Go here. Big love to all, Le xox

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