KETO | Why I still love keto

Hello my lovelies … welcome back! Today I’m sharing a wee video and talking about why I love keto. I’m about to celebrate my ketoversary and it’s given me a moment to pause and reflect. It’s true, I still love keto. I love the freedom to eat what I want, when I want. I love the single disciple of lowering carbs. I love that I can still bake, with almond and coconut flour.

How I can still love keto

It’s a fact that I am eating more baking treats than I have in a long time and with no weight gain. The opposite is true, I’m still losing minuscule amounts of grams each month, even though I consider myself in maintenance mode now.

Yes, I mainly eat protein and fats, now classing myself as a ketovore. Yesterday I ate keto chocolate cake and a keto donut, along with crab, cheese, cream, coffee, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, lettuce and scrambled eggs. This is why keto is sustainable for me. It’s a ‘diet’ of foods that you can love, minus the carbs, minus the sugar. Keto continues to feel like a gift I give myself.

New keto planning tools

Here’s my wee video and a look at my BRAND NEW keto low carb and intermittent fasting planning journals. I wanted a planner and journal combined and I didn’t want to use an app. So I made these for myself. Now I am sharing them thru my new Etsy shop, Plan It Do It Designs. Everything comes to you as a downloadable file and BOOM you print it at home or at your library. Go to the bottom of this post to find a 20% off code to celebrate my jump into selling my digital designs.

Keto planning journals to love

My planners, journals, workbooks and more are designed to be three things, easy, simple and beautiful. Easy to use, simple to understand and still beautiful. Let me know via comments or email me if I can help with anything specific. I design for women who lead busy lives and just like to be organised in an easy, simple and beautiful way. It’s such fun. Here’s my Discovering Low Carb Keto Foods beginners workbook

Plus I have keto and intermittent fasting specific planning journals too. It’s all here at Plan It Do It Designs, and everything is under $10AUST. Plus here’s that 20% off coupon for you, click here. It’s good till April 28 2021 so go check me out 🙂 It would be great if you would heart a few of your favs to give me some feedback and to tell the Etsy search function I’m there. The pages below are from the keto planning journal.

Instant downloads = no postage cost!

Everything is an instant download. No postage costs so this means I can keep things really affordable. So you buy a computer file. You can read the PDF (sometimes a PNG for wall art) file on a computer, iPad or smartphone.

Then print out the pages you want to use. You can print them as many times as you want, in colour or choose greyscale printing if you prefer black and white. So it’s a downloadable file, no physical product is exchanged. Instant Download means your files will be available in your Etsy profile to download once payment is confirmed. Cool right. No Etsy account? Well they are easy and free to start or just email me and we will sort something out.

What do you get?

Depending on the product you want the instant digital download PDF file includes things like ….

  • Welcome and instructions for use
  • Basic Low Carb Keto info like … what is keto, what is ketosis and macros
  • Weekly Planners for the week ahead and week in review – undated
  • Daily Planning and record sheets – Monday to Sunday – undated
  • Weekly Reflection record for gratitude and kindness to self
  • 12 Month Goal Tracker Sheets for your two most important goals
  • Bonus items – 2 cute keto wall art sheets for the fridge, your mood board or whatever you like, one day three ways keto and IF meal plan.

This is the inclusions list from the Low Carb Keto Weekly Planner. Below is a page from the Monthly Intermittent Fasting Planner Journal. Easy, simple and beautiful right. Plus once you have bought a planning journal whenever I update it you will get the updated version at no additional cost. I just need your email for that and there is a note in each guide as to how to make this happen.

So if you are like me, and prefer to put pen to paper, then just maybe these planning journals will work for you the way they have for me.

As always I hope you are well and finding you way along the low carb keto pathway, with or without intermittent fasting. Love and joy to you, Le xox

Find my workbooks and planning journals on Etsy at Plan It Do It Designs. Click here for a 20% discount code. Valid till April 28 2021. Thanks xox

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