RECIPE | Keto Passionfruit Butter + Macaroons

Howdy lovely peeps, and welcome to April! Today I am sharing a super simple keto passionfruit butter recipe. Now passionfruit butter takes egg yolks, so what to do with the whites … Well let’s make macaroons shall we, keto coconut macaroons to be exact.

No Waste

I love it when we waste not. So rather than saving the egg whites for three days then binning them because I forgot to use them, I make macaroons in the same session. Smart, lazy baker, that’s me.

Keto Needs Passionfruit Butter

I love passionfruit butter, and not having to give it up to be a keto girl has been great. I tend to make my passionfruit butter then store it in individual serves. That way I can top it with cream and keto granola and send it in the kid’s lunch boxes to school and uni. It’s super convenient. Of course I do eat passionfruit butter on keto toast too, with regular butter underneath the passionfruit butter and with a decaf long black coffee by it’s side. Heaven.

Here’s the wee recipe video below. It’s a bit chatty, but I managed to keep it to 11 minutes, which is rather short for me. Boo YA !

If you prefer, here is the written version of the passionfruit butter recipe. I don’t think I have done the macaroons yet, so you will have to watch the video for that one. Or just wing it, use a non keto recipe and replace the sugar with a keto safe sweetener and boom, done. My macaroons only use egg whites, sweetener, coconut and vanilla. No flour. So very keto friendly, especially if you top them with passionfruit butter. A tasty treat indeed.

Passionfruit not your thing … then swap out for lemon juice and use the same base recipe. Lemon butter, or lemon curd as my US girlies call it, is a delight! And if you still have passionfruit left over, then try this passionfruit cheesecake recipe. It’s yummo!

Here’s hoping your Easter is coming together nicely. We are staying home. Last Easter we were booked to go north, but COVID-19 crushed that plan. So this Easter I just decided we would be best served by a staycation. Boring, but safe. Tell me what you have planned so I may live life vicariously through your adventures.

Big squeeze, Le xox

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