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Hello my lovelies, and how are you mid March? So hard to believe we are flying thru 2021. Today I am unveiling my latest creative endeavour, Xanthia Design. I am very excited to share this with you. It’s a step up from my Low Carb Le on Redbubble, which I still love. I am back on the Etsy platform as I can bring so many more designs to life over there. Including skater dresses like this, all over prints and more.

Pink Camo Skater Dress

Xanthia Design is Born!

It’s both exciting and nerve-racking bringing you my Xanthia Design efforts. I love to share them as I am proud of them, but it’s a vulnerable feeling exposing my creative underbelly. Constructive feedback is welcome, outright negativity is not. This Etsy shop, Xanthia Design, is my happy place.

Mega Japanese Flora Swimmers

Love + Joy + reduced waste

My tag line is … designed with love + joy. And that pretty much sums it up for me. I do what I do on Etsy and Redbubble because it brings me joy, costs very little and creates no clutter, waste or unwanted products. In case you were wondering, I manufacture to order only. This is kinder on Planet Earth as it means I don’t have heaps of wastage. I print your order for you and you only. Then your purchase is checked by the quality peeps, packaged up and sent straight to your door. It’s a neat system that sees very little go to landfill. Yippee.

It’s true … I have sneakers !!!

Plus my printers are in various locations, like America, Australia, Europe and more. This means if you order for delivery to Australia, then depending on what you order, it’s likely to be printed in Australia. Same if you live in America and want delivery to America, my printer is in California. So this means I can keep shipping costs lower, with less carbon footprint and for 99% of items shipping is included in the purchase cost. Yes, some things are made in China. The source of the base product (like tee shirt material on a big ole roll) is stated in every listing so there is transparency. But mostly my Xanthia Design items are printed in other countries so that your item doesn’t have to travel too far. If you live in China, well then it’s printed there of course.

Ferry Girls Rashie Swim Shirt

Geeks, Curvy Girls + Rex

Working in this way has allowed me to create some rather niche products. I theme my designs around things I love, mostly travel, botanicas, positivity and abstracts. I use my own photos, original illustrations and some stock images that I then alter to suit my aesthetic. It’s such fun. The swim shirt above is my Ferry Girls photo from Hiroshima 2018. When I work with my pics it’s such a joy as I revisit all the memories of the day that surrounded that image.

Japanese Inspired Pink Grey Curvy Girl Leggings

I am especially proud of my curvy girl leggings range. I currently have six designs up and will bring about another 20 to life over the next month. The soft fabric, wide elastic waistband, and flattering fit make these leggings perfect for your next Byron Bay festival, yoga, evening runs, Netflix on the couch, and everything in between! I love that the design is purpose made to cater for curves. How many times did I buy leggings only to find them ill-fitting, crotch-grabbing, seam splitting failures. But not anymore.

Let your Geek Flag Fly!

Something else I am passionate about is my Geeks We Love range. This is geek positive messaging for everyone out there who ever felt left of centre, not like the cool kids or the sporty kids. I think we have so much sports positive messaging that we need to level the field (ha pun) with a bit of smart, brainy, nerdy geek messaging. It’s subtle, but I want to give all of us who identify as geeks or love a geek something to wear with pride. Showing geeks they can be true to themselves and still be cool is part of the aim, but having geeks celebrated is the real goal.

Rainbow Geek Crop Hoodie

I even have a crop tee that is aimed at geeks who like silence. This is Rex. Rex knows silence is a geek thing. We love it, we embrace it and we just wish all you cool kids would shut up and be silent before our heads explode! … And you might wonder who draws my geek positive stuff, well my own darling son. Such a clever boy.

SILENCE says Rex

The Ask … pretty please

So as you can tell I could go on for hours. But instead of that how bout you just pop over and see how I have been spending my time. At last count, I have over 100 items designed and ready to be loved. Now, this isn’t a sales pitch, I know it seems like it is. But no, you are my online family and I just wanted to share my love affair with you. I do have one small ask, besides clicking here and going over to Xanthia Design.

Heart Me

Etsy, like every online shop, works on algorithms. You know the patterns behind being seen to be seen online. So if you have an Etsy account already would you please heart (like) your favourite designs for me. Even hit follow for Xanthia Design. This will help me move up the search rankings in the Etsy algorithm.

And if you too have an Etsy shop then put a link in the comments and I will come and visit you. We can be heart sisters 🙂

Long Term Plan

At the end of the day, I am looking to create several location independent income streams so that in 2023 me and the mister can live a more nomadic life of van travel and exploration. Oh yes, van life here I come! Go away COVID19 you are seriously f#cking with everyone’s travel dreams and life in general. More on the van life plan another time.

Rainbow Floral Hoodie

Thanks for hanging in right to the end. So appreciate the support and encouragement. Hope you have space for your creative endeavours too. It’s easy amongst all this mothering, wife-ing and working for a living to shove our creative selves to the bottom of the barrel. So, it’s my wish for you to find some ‘me time’ before the week is done. Big love, Le xox

PS looking for a yummy treat to make that won’t upset your sugar levels or knock you off your keto low carb pathway … go here. A slice of this with coffee makes my creativity soar! Hee hee love Le xox

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