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KETOVORE DIET | Explained + Easy 5 Day Meal Plan

So last time we talked about the carnivore and ketovore diet. It’s back here if you missed it. Now we are going to talk about the ketovore diet and I have an easy five day meal plan for you.

The more I do the ketovore diet the more I love eating the ketovore way. It’s so darn easy!

le eating salami
Here I am stuffing my little keto face with salami

What do you find on this Ketovore’s plate…

Well, a lot of dead animals basically. So here’s what I have throughout a usual ketovore week. Other ketovores may eat more or less or different. The whole point is to adapt it to your preferred eating style and tastes. Mostly it is this list …

  • meat, poultry and seafood
  • deli meats and cured meats
  • eggs
  • pink salt
  • all types of cheeses, but especially tasty, parmesan and mozzarella and butter
  • cream cheese, cream, sour cream and greek yogurt
  • water, soda water
  • electrolytes
  • coffee, decaf all the way

Mostly full of good fats, protein-rich, and all naturally low in carbs, all nutrient dense and complete foods. Other add-ins might include herbs and spices, and good oils used in the preparation of the meat products.

Occasional Inclusions on my Ketovore Diet and Meal Plan

Then sprinkled amongst all that meaty goodness, but less often you will find these things. By occasional I mean sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a week, sometimes one day in 10. It varies, but I still eat ….

  • blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
  • passionfruit, lemon, lime as flavouring
  • coconut yogurt and coconut milk
  • macadamia nuts, brazils and cashews
  • pumpkin seeds
  • almond flour and coconut flour baked goods – cookies, muffins, cake, biscuits
  • low carb sweeteners like erythritol, monk fruit and stevia
  • keto chocolate
  • almond milk
  • a once a week salad
  • cauliflower, broccoli and zucchini
  • lettuce, spinach and tomato
  • onions, herbs and spices

Ketovore Diet Easy Five Day Meal Plan

So as I have said, the best ketovore diet is the one that works for you. One that delivers happiness, health and wellbeing. But just to give you some ideas, here is my typical five days of ketovore eating.

I specialise in lazy girl cooking.

I cook mostly in butter, sometimes coconut oil. I use salt on every savoury meal. I use herbs and spices a little. I use onion, lemon, lime and passionfruit as flavours. I always have cream or yogurt with my berries. And I drink at least five small decaf black coffees a day and drink 1.6litres of water.

Easy peasy, low effort, great outcomes

Ketovore Diet Video

And just in case you want to understand a bit more, here I am having a chat about ketovore on YouTube.

So until next time stay on your pathway. Think I might do a frequently asked questions next time. So if you have any questions drop me a comment or email me here. Love your guts and determination to do you, Le xox

Not a Meal Plan …

PS I have a collection of funny tees, cute mugs, cool bags and more now. All low carb, keto and IF themed, plus some travel and botanical images of my own doing. Just for when you need a laugh or want to wear your heart’s intentions on your sleeve. Here’s a pink themed peek from my Low Carb Le Redbubble collection …. Le xox

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