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CARNIVORE DIET | Is it for me?

Hello my lovelies, and how are you this fine day? Now we are going to talk carnivore. More specifically, what is the carnivore diet, should you try it and why am I now doing a hybrid version of keto and carnivore, dubbed ketovore.

eat meat be happy repeat carnivore wall clock
What’s the time … meat time!

What is this thing called the Carnivore Diet?

Carnivore is a style of eating, a way of eating, a WOE (way of eating). Just like low carb is a WOE and keto is a WOE. Carnivore is a way to describe what you are eating. Intermittent fasting describes how you eat, based on the timing of meals and periods of not eating. You might do intermittent fasting with carnivore, or not. Carnivore is about what you eat, not when you eat.

Some folk will say that carnivore is a subset or a derivative of the keto diet. If we use the word subset as meaning that the carnivore diet fits within the keto diet, then yes it’s a very focused way of eating that is underpinned by some of the principles of the keto diet, but not all.

older man with a beard in a wild carnivore tee shirt
Wild CARNIVORE at heart! One of my designs.
Thanks Cam – very manly man – but a big teddy bear really..

Are the Carnivore Diet + Keto Diet the same …

So firstly, not a diet. Way of eating. To me, diet implies a limited time period where you diet your way to some magical goal and then boom, resume normal transmission, normal eating and the benefits stay. We all know keto is not like that. And that’s the first thing that keto and carnivore have in common. The many benefits from these ways of eating will diminish, over time, should you choose to go back to the standard Australian / Western / American diet, the SAD way of eating, how apt.

Other things keto and carnivore have in common include:

  • no gluten
  • no sugars
  • reducing carbs to a minimum
  • eating good fats
  • eating protein

So what does someone doing a carnivore way of eating actually eat?

Carnivore tee shirt on a surfer youth
Carnivore tee design by me and modelled by lovely Rae , find this and more designs at lowcarble.redbubble.com

What do you find on a Carnivore’s plate…

As the name suggests a carnivore WOE is animal based. You know like a lion, the apex predator and a carnivore. So eating animals and the products that come from animals is the human equivalent of the carnivore way. As nature designs it, these foods are all super low carb, thus the link to keto is there. The usual carnivore fare includes:

  • meat
  • poultry
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • salt
  • cheeses
  • cream
  • butter
  • water

All full of good fats, all protein rich, all naturally low in carbs, all nutrient dense and complete foods. Other add-ins might include herbs and spices, and good oils used in the preparation of the meat products. But usually, a carnivore meal will not include any fruits, berries, seeds, vegetable or products derived from those source.

board of grilled meats
feed the carnivore meat

Just like keto, there are shades of carnivore. So yes, some carnivore folk might eat mostly beef and lamb. Some won’t eat dairy. Others may not eat eggs. Some will add an onion to a meatloaf for its seasoning qualities, other carnivores will only add salt. Here’s a handy food pyramid, that I think reflects accurately the essence of the human carnivore way of eating.

carnivore diet food pyramid
Sourced from Nutrition with Judy – thankyou Judy

What’s a Ketovore …

I’m a ketovore girl. Here’s a wee video where I explain my take on leaning into carnivore while still maintaining a foothold in the keto camp.

So for me, I want to embrace the carnivore way of eating while still having an every ten days salad, a several times a week safe treat like this raspberry cheesecake, a smoothie once in a blue moon and nuts whenever I like. Oh, and of course keto chocolate whenever it’s 3pm and the day ends in a ‘y’ . This is the way I can stick to my low carb eating. This is my chosen pathway. This is me. And it’s a great version of me.

le in exercise gear Jan 2021
January 2021

So how about you? I’m in for the ketovore Le version of carnivore. Next time I’ll write about the benefits we have found going towards the carnivore way of eating and some menu ideas for a week of carnivore eating. Until then, stay on your pathway, love your guts and determination to do you, Le xox

PS I have a collection of funny tees, cute mugs, cool bags and more now. All low carb, keto and IF themed 🙂 Just for when you need a laugh or want to wear your heart’s intentions on your sleeve. Here’s a peek from my Low Carb Le Redbubble collection …. Le xox

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