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SELF | The Importance of Fun in this COVID19 World

Well, today I had fun. I have the pics to prove it and will share in a minute. The importance of fun in this COVID19 world cannot be underestimated. I don’t think I have done a purely fun thing since March 2020. I have done nice things, happy things, good things, joyful things, necessary things and meaningful things, but until today I don’t think I planned a fun thing just for me and the mister.

Today we did a couple thing just for us and just for fun. There was no secondary motivation, there was no kids, there was no agenda. It was not a doing to get something done kinda outing. It was just us, doing a fun thing. And it reminded about the importance of fun in this COVID19 world.

Photographic evidence of fun

The Important of fun in this COVID19 world

So why do we want to have fun in this COVID19 world? Well, I think having fun is like having a muscle, you have to use it or you lose it. I think having fun is a task we should assign, just like doing chores, doing work or doing the garden. I think we have to do this in our COVID19 world as so much of the spontaneity of life, the accidental fun, has vanished in a cloud of hand sanitiser, 1.5m gaps and facemasks.

Kids have fun by default. Kids are, on the whole, not overburdened by the same adult issues that we are. Thank goodness, as there is no way they should be. But as we age and ‘grow up’ we tend to move away from fun and into serious adult mode. COVID19 has been prolonged serious adulting on steroids! So I think the importance of fun in this COVID19 world cannot be overstated.

The importance of fun in this COVID19 world is especially necessary as COVID19 is not fun

Now I don’t disagree with any precautionary measures. I support them. Staying home to stay safe did not immediately scream FUN TIMES to me. Homeschooling was not five weeks of fun. We did it and it was the right and proper thing to do, and I was willing and able to comply. But life since COVID 19 has been a bit damn serious. A prolonged seriousness too. Therefore, I think it’s more important than ever to have fun.

The horrendous death tolls, the doom, the gloom, the job losses, the lack of grace when grocery shopping and the imminent threat of illness from a handshake, a face touch or a cough has made it a very SERIOUS TIME. I have connected with people I love without hugs, touches and physical presence. I have worked alone, shopped alone and been very serious about keeping my family safe. Fun has not been a thing that fitted with that scenario.

Fun is a doing F word we can all get into

We have watched a lot of movies and TV, some funny others not. But that’s not the same as having fun. Having fun has to be about the physical act of doing something that is almost useless except for the fun of it. Looking at 92 motorcycles with my husband was fun. I have lots of cool pics and I enjoyed his running commentary on engines, exhausts and forks. He is a walking motorcycle encyclopaedia and it was fun. Uncomplicated fun.

Fun with a Vespa in Italy

le on a vespa

Having a green screen Vespa ride thru cartoon Italy was fun. COVID19 was still with us. There in the sign-in, there in the gaps between bikes, there in the sanitisation of all surfaces after each person used the screen to build their own motorcycle. Here’s ours. It’s very us. Apart from the lack of a pillion seat. It was fun, regardless of the COVID19 measures.

We had ourselves some very safe COVID19 aware fun. This four hours of fun has lightened my soul. It has given me that frivolous feeling of a fun day. It has made me smile. It has renewed our love of each other’s company without the weight of serious issues or expectations. Thankyou GOMA and your Motorcycle exhibition, it was indeed a lovely combination of art, design and desire. Plus FUN!

The future of fun

I feel like one fun outing has pushed aside the weight of responsibility, the weight of adulting and the daily drama of COVID19. Of course, I came home to the news that a Brisbane doctor had given two elderly people four times the recommended COVID19 vaccine. This is day two of the vaccine rollout. Well, that was a major F up hey. At the time of writing the 88 man and 94 woman were in hospital and okay, despite being given four times the correct dose. I am crossing everything for their swift recovery. The doctor will be less okay, stood down. He had not been trained in the COVID19 vaccination … seriously. And our government has just revoked New Zealand as a safe travel destination. I’m crying on the inside as New Zealand is one of my happy places. So no visits to plan just yet.

But I’m not letting this negate the fun I had from 11am to 3pm. I will not water down my fun, I have ring-fenced the fun and the feeling and will be looking to recreate the doing of fun more often going forward. How are you exercising your fun muscle? Share with us and inspire someone to have fun today. With love and fun in my heart, Le xox

PS Don’t forget JOY! I think joy is important too. I cultivate joy every day, it’s easier for me to find my joy than my fun. My first joy of the day comes with my morning walks. This is what I think about joy.

Redbubble is joy filled, little f fun for me

Something else that brings me joy is my Redbubble online shop. Find my designs here. Here’s a wee sample to make you smile, not always black, but this six pack is. I’m really enjoying developing the geek girl range. Come see what I have done to date and drop me a heart as it helps raise my profile to become a featured artist. That’s my goal and with your help I can make it happen. Hearting is just like a thumbs up, it’s not about purchasing. Next, I’m doing STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths) girls. Then after that I think I will do name shirts for those unusual names who can’t find their name in the usual retail outlets. Hee hee, love Le xox

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