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SELF | Why turning 54 was different

Hello my lovelies. So I have had my little blogging holiday over Christmas and New Year, and now I am back with you to resume normal transmission. Let’s start with this week. This week I had a birthday. Not a milestone one, but still a birthday. It was a good birthday. Turning 54 was different. Good different. In so many ways.


For the first time in many years I have welcomed another year by finding myself in a holistically better place. A better place for me. Me. Not the family, not work, not home, me. Turning 54 sees me finding new meaning to wellness, beyond not being ill.


I am ‘weller’ than before. I am more me. As I got progressively fatter I lost me. Not in rolls of fat, but in my head and my heart. I feel more me than I have in a decade. I am the version of me that I love the most. Hear that again. I am the version of me I love the most. We don’t often talk of self love, it’s too confronting, it’s a weird concept, it’s too personal. But it’s important.


Since I turned 45 each birthday has given rise to me feeling older. Less fit, less relevant, less in tune, less up to date, more worn, more tired, more blah. I am no longer blah. I am my best self. I am back to that sassy 34 year old, take on the world, opinionated woman. And I love her. Yet she is different. She is wiser and more complete. I am me. In April 2019 I was this woman. Now in 2021 I am THIS WOMAN.


No, it isn’t. But most of it is. In 2018 I stopped full-time work. That took some getting use to. I had no executive team, no board, no organisation to lead and I missed it. It took me about six months to process that thru. Bossing around one husband, two teens and a wilful dog is not the same as running a $55M plus organisation with 200 staff. For the first time in a long time I was no one’s CEO. It was a little bit sad. Except not having to manage natural disasters, I’m ok with missing out on that.

But it was a good sad, as it gave me time and space to work on me and my wellness. So my energies went into sorting Le Inc. And thus the great low carb keto journey began. Instead of hours spent progressing the needs of my organisation, I spent hours progressing my knowledge, watching, learning and understanding. Seriously, what can you not learn off YouTube nowadays? So many beautiful, thoughtful people willing to share their own stories. Educated and kind people who understand knowledge is power, and that sharing the power is all important. Knowledge is a currency that we can all have access to.


Well, now it’s my turn. My turn to share, my turn to show up and be an example of what happens when knowledge is shared. My turn to be the one one who might just influence your wellness. As I say, we each have our own pathway to walk. No one will have your back story, no one will have your exact struggles, no one holds the solution for you in their hands. Only you do. You have the power. Make you your own focus. You be your project and start work today.

le drinking coffee

I have just finished 21 Days to Kick Start Keto as my gift to those struggling to find their own pathway. It’s on my Low Carb Le Facebook page and on YouTube. Enjoy with a coffee.


As well as finding my blogging niche and having our wonderful Facebook community at Keto Queens Unite, to keep me company and add value, what other little extra has created a spark in me? Well it’s creative of course. I am having such fun letting my creative side run wild in the online environment of Red Bubble. I am proudly a merch girl now! Whatttt???

Yes, something else I taught myself off YouTube, I am now an online creator and seller of product. Here are some for your viewing pleasure …

As you can see I have several themes running amok here. From ketoesque phrases to travel, kawaii, sunrises, vintage and retro vibes. I see no need to pigeon hole myself into one genre. I love them all. I’d be chuffed if you would go have a wee look. Tell me which is your fav and spread the word my lovelies. I would be indebted. No need to purchase just window shop and find the joy. Go here.



So now it’s time for me to relish my return to me. It’s like I am my very own homecoming queen. QUEEN in caps thanks. It’s time to share what I know, spread the love and be here for you. Come join the tribe at Keto Queens Unite. We are lovely. Tell me you plans, your hopes and your desires for 2021. It’s always the right time to take a leap of faith and back yourself.

With love and affection, and zero judgement, Le xox

keto queens unite

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