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KETO | How to Kick Start Keto in 21 Days – Week One

Hello my lovelies and welcome to how to Kick Start Keto in 21 Days – week one! So, how’s 2021 going so far? We are well into January. Most of us are back at work, soon to have kids back at school. I am soon to have a kid at uni! YES UNIVERSITY !!! WT???

I cannot believe we are about to smack into February! So, if you would like to take a moment to refresh, refocus and reignite your low carb keto passion, you are in the right place. Let’s make 2021 your year. 2020 was a right cow of a year. How bout you grab 2021 by the short and curlies and make it YOUR YEAR.

me looking surprised
Did I just write ‘short and curlies’ …. am I wearing space buns … YES to both!


Well we all know the New Year can be full of resolutions, but I think this is something more powerful, more meaningful. I am the proof of concept, that eating low carb high fat keto can move stubborn after 50 weight.

As I approach my 54th birthday, in three days, it’s the first time in over a decade that I do not wish I was fitter, leaner, healthier or weighing less. As we came into 2021 I did not need to make a resolution to loose weight and take better care of myself. Because, finally I have, finally I am.

So, why now, well why not. I have learnt that our actions of todays, our habits of now, are the building blocks of a better tomorrow. So, don’t delay, join me to kick start keto and reignite your low carb love affair and take care of today so that tomorrow will be better, brighter and more beautiful.

happy me looking fabulous
August 2020


I wish I had found low carb keto in my twenties. But I didn’t. I have done every weight loss method known to woman. But it took low carb keto to give me a permanent solution. One that didn’t require willpower, didn’t need a membership nor shakes, potions and powders.

This was me in April 2019. Solidly overweight, 52 years, heading towards obese. Numerous health dramas and tired all the time

fat me before keto
April 2019

This is me in April 2020. Moving to a better place, but yet I still hadn’t cracked the low carb code.

less fat me April 2020
April 2020

And this is me in October 2020, six months into low carb keto and thriving.

Low Cark Keto Me

And now this is me. December 2020. I own the space, I get low carb keto, and I want you to get it too.

me in December 2020 on low carb keto
December 2020 – WINNER!

So that’s why I have written 21 Day to Kick Start Keto. It’s what I would have liked to have had back in the beginning. It’s all of my research, my personal learnings, my first hand experiences all distilled into 21 daily videos, checklists, hints and tips.

I want you to know that fat is not forever, that even post menopause there is a drug free, pain free, low cost way to move forward. I want you to have hope, the hope I had lost and the hope I rediscovered as I moved to understand low carb keto.


Days one to seven are here. The first video is included right below so you can just get on with it. There are extras for each day over on my Low Carb Le Facebook page. Plus, we have a hugely supportive, non judgemental bunch of women over at Keto Queens Unite! It’s a safe space for women to explore and develop their thinking on low carb, intermittent fasting and keto.

In days one to seven I cover things like the benefits of low carb keto, the different versions of keto, how to count or not count macros and the basics of intermittent fasting. You can watch one video a day, or binge watch all of them over a few days, whatever works for you.


When you watch a video you might have a question or two. That is to be expected. Just drop me a DM from Facebook or a comment here. Or if it’s a very personal thing you can email me. Please be assured, there are no dumb questions. Knowledge is power, so let’s empower each other by sharing our experiences, knowledge and understanding.

Me drinking a coffee

Grab a coffee, take 20 minutes for yourself and invest in your own wellbeing. Big squeeze, Le xox

PS Forgot to mention I have a collection of funny tees, cute mugs, cool bags and more now. All low carb, keto and IF theamed 🙂 Just for when you need a laugh or want to wear your heart’s intentions on your sleeve. Here’s a peek from my Low Carb Le Redbubble collection …. Le xox

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