RECIPE| Low Carb Keto Lemon Yogurt Cake

Hello my lovelies, here to bring you my ultra yummy low carb keto lemon yogurt cake. Oh yes, it’s a thing! At less than 3 grams carbs per slice, you will be glad you took the time to make this baby. Actually she’s super easy to make. Mix all the wet ingredients, then mix all the dry, and BOOM it’s a low carb keto lemon yogurt cake on your plate. With a coffee, I hope.

So here’s my take on the low carb keto lemon yogurt cake. Remember, all my recipes are easy, peasy, low fuss, no muss type affairs. So don’t go expecting a flaming Bombe Alaska!



It is an absolute joy to me to be able to have these high carb foods made good by some recipe tweaks, some bits left out and some new bits added in. I like to do a video now and then, as not everyone was a baker before low carb keto. Sometimes it’s just easier to watch something and learn from that. Plus of course, I like a good chat. So, here it is, click on thru.

For me, baking like this is what makes low carb and keto sustainable. I hope you enjoy this cake too. Big squeeze Le xox

PS If you missed this Baked Lemon Slice, she’s a real charmer too.

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Eating low carb keto has never been easier … ideas below.

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