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KETO | 21 Days to Kick Start Keto

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to 2021! Right off the bat I’m just going to say this year is already overburdened with drama! More COVID19, more USA woes, more lockdowns and 99.9% outside of your control. So, what is within your control, yep, what you put in your mouth. Drum roll please …. the 21 Days to Kick Start Keto plan is here!

So you have read some of my weight loss and health story, you are curious, you want a bit of improved wellbeing for yourself … Well that is GREAT. Come along now and kick start keto with me.


From January 11 you will find daily videos on Low Carb Le to refresh, refocus and reignite our low carb keto love affair! For 21 days there will be a 7-10 minute video posted at 6am. So watch while having your morning coffee (cream not milk thanks babes), before the distractions of the day set in. Low Carb Le is my open Facebook page, this means anyone can see it, so it’s great for couples wanting to kick start keto together.

I promise it will be worth your investment of time


If you prefer the sanctuary of a women only space then you will want Keto Queens Unite, the closed group of women members ( no cost) who are exploring low carb, IF and keto. It’s a supportive, no judgement space to get your keto on with other like minded women.


Each day there is the video, a checklist and sometimes extra posts that ask you to REFRESH or REFOCUS on a particular low carb keto aspect. All done with the eye on the prize … to REIGNITE your passion for embracing a low carb keto way of finding wellbeing.

Knowledge is POWER, and over 21 days we are going to POWER UP with low carb keto tips, hints, tricks and true stories.


The benefits of low carb keto are many. Plus the outcomes you will achieve are individual to you. For me, I got the unexpected gifts that I wrote about here. As a reminder I have solved my overweight issue in a sustainable way, lost my autoimmune conditions, ended migraines, am free of sugar cravings, have solved the 3pm energy slump and improved my mental clarity.

I have personal stories from other low carb keto lovers who have addressed many ailments, including digestive complaints like Crones and Irritable Bowel, MS, Autism, Epilepsy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes and more. Someone dear to me has used keto to put on muscle and halt weight loss. I’t’s amazing what can be achieved when we fuel our bodies in a better way.


So consider this your personal invitation, from you to me. Don’t say one day, say today! Join me for 21 days and stay the course my lovelies. After all, what have you got to lose? Love Le xox

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PS at anytime you feel stuck, lost, unsure or down you just email me atand I’ll be there for you, your own low carb keto cheerleader willing you on to success! Le xox

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