Rewind | December Rewind 2020

What has a birthday, an anniversary, a parenting milestone and a significant cultural event in it? That’s right, the December rewind! In December my son turned 18, we had our 20th wedding anniversary, the same son finished high school and did well enough to get accepted into uni and we had Christmas. It’s a big month in our house!


Well there are so many to choose from! Having an adult son is a pretty big deal. Getting away for three days to the beach was also a big deal. Having a keto Christmas was another big deal. What wasn’t a big deal was our anniversary. 20 years of married life is a milestone for sure, but we just are not those people who make a big song and dance about it. We did make plans to go out for breakfast, a keto breakfast date, but a silly arguement first thing in the morning on the dog walk culled those plans. Marital bliss indeed!


So my highlight really is my son. Graduating and receiving a result good enough to get into his preferred uni course. I am SO PROUD! I feel like we have ticked that parenting box. I feel like getting through the teen trauma years of 13 to 18 intact is parenting gold. I am equal parts relieved, thrilled and tired. Those last couple of high school years was a BIG uphill push. But we have plateaued now. Hallelujah! One down, one to go.

Here are some happy snaps of the boy I adore. The boy that taught me to be a mum.


Christmas is always a highlight right. We ate, we laughed, we gifted, we ate more and it was a lovely family day. Hope your day was special too. Here’s my Christmas menu blog post. It was a very keto Christmas, and I was very happy about that. I did eat more carbs than usual, and there was an impact. Fudge is my thing. If you want to know about that, here’s the video. Warning …. it includes bloating. Plus I did a post Christmas check-in, it’s here. So it took me a few days to get back on track, but I’m there now. Here are my tips and tricks for getting back on the keto pathway after a detour into carb world.



So I love, love, loving building the Facebook community, Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite! We are 136 kick-ass cool women strong now and are sharing our true stories, recipes and more on a daily basis.

Come visit us and join other women exploring, learning and practising low carb, keto and intermittent fasting. We are at Keto Queens Unite!


I am wishing you a wonderful 2021. I hope you find time for your loved ones and doing what brings you joy. Stay safe, engaged and healthy because I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even Pinterest!!

Did you know I have an ever growing collection of YouTube videos too, these are a great keto and low carb resource library in the making. I think life is good, as I navigate my new normal and I hope it’s the same for you.

Thank-you for your ongoing support in 2020, it means the world to me. Let’s continue onto a brighter new year with love in our hearts and joy to share. Big squeeze, Le xox

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