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Rewind | October + November Rewind 2020

Well better late than never! This got stuck in my drafts so October and November rewind is here now my lovelies. Two months as I didn’t post October at the time, life got in the way! So its a two for one deal, with the October and November rewind here for you now.

Come hear what worked and what didn’t during the months of October and November. Plus in the November video I have shared my high cholesterol and CT Calcium Scan story.


Well I can’t go past my first ever low carb birthday bash! Yes my beautiful son turned sweet 16 and we did a family lunch for 11 at home. Here is the menu and some happy snaps. Plus I wrote about it here.

Then in November, I wrote my first ever detailed plan on how to prepare for low carb keto in 14 days. Seven easy actions and seven mindset moments all come together in a day by day guide to get you on the road to low carb keto success. All the days, videos, tips and hints can be found here. It was a good process for me to consolidate and detail what I think makes going low carb easier and sharing tips for success.

Just this week my friend has told me she is having low carb success, unlike anything she has had previously on other eating plans. BRAVO I say!

the 14 day plan to prepare for low carb keto




So I love, love, loving building the Facebook community, Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite! We are 133 kick-ass cool women strong now and are sharing our true stories, recipes and more on a daily basis.

Come visit us and join other women exploring, learning and practising low carb, keto and intermittent fasting. We are at Keto Queens Unite!


I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season as we head toward the new year. I hope you find time for your loved ones and doing what brings you joy. Stay safe, engaged and healthy because I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even Pinterest!!

Did you know I have an ever growing collection of YouTube videos too, these are a great keto and low carb resource library in the making. I think life is good, as I navigate my new normal and I hope it’s the same for you. Thank-you for your ongoing support in 2020, it means the world to me. Big squeeze, Le xox

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