FAMILY | And so this was a Keto Christmas

Hello my darling ones, and how was your Christmas day 2020? Ours was mostly a keto Christmas. We share our Christmas day with my mum and dad, my sister and her family of four and my brother and his family of six. We are a mix of dietary requirements, but lucky for me I have a super supportive mum who is willing to keto-ise whatever she can, a sister who does a version of keto and others who will do gluten free.


We started off with just our family at breakfast. I made Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies lower carb waffles and served them with bacon and sugar free maple syrup. Yummo!


Then I prepared my first ever keto ham. I used this recipe here from have butter, will travel, and it was a delight. I modified it only a little using cloves, wholegrain mustard, a small amount of orange juice and the orange segment. Look at my baby, a beauty for sure.

Keto Maple Ham
Maple Orange Keto Ham


Our attempt at a keto Christmas lunch was aided by the fact that many food items associated with Christmas are already on the way to being keto compliant. Take smoked salmon, ham, stuffed eggs, salads and berries, and we were well on our way to a keto Christmas lunch.

So here is our keto Christmas lunch 2020 menu.

So here at our keto Christmas lunch no one went hungry. We had ten around the lunch table. By dessert time my brother and his family had arrived so we did 16 for dessert. My sister and I split the catering duties so it wasn’t onerous. We shared the burden and mum did her bit while still caring for dad. Dad’s 86 and takes a bit of looking after now days. My mum is such a trooper.


I didn’t fret about the non keto items at lunch. I even bought the fudge, butter fudge from Aldi. It’s like old fashioned Scottish tablet fudge and is my absolute fav. I ate a stack of it. So my plan was to go off plan on Christmas day. I wasn’t far off plan. I still dropped out alcohol as I’d rather have the fudge. I did buy myself two special no-carb drinks, sparkling rose water and sparkling lavender water. Love these. I also took my electrolytes pre made up to drink throughout the day. Good call. I didn’t have the potato bake as not my fav. I did eat the marshmallow santa that mum always buys me, it’s a thing so I’m not breaking the tradition.


I made the dessert cake from the 180 Cakes rich choc cake mix. I did the dairy free version and replaced the frosting with stewed blackberries. I served the butter frosting to the side so those who are not dairy free could indulge. It worked out a treat. For years I have been a working mum and I find no shame in using the packet mix if it short cuts my effort and guarantees results.

keto chocolate cake with berries
Rich Chocolate Cake with Blackberries and Choc Dipped Strawberries


Now on Boxing Day I am finishing off the last of the keto treats. The shortbread, truffles and the maple ham. Isn’t Boxing Day such a cool day of slothful behaviours and Netflix viewing. I love it. Our keto Christmas was a smash hit. Here are some happy snaps of the day.

Hoping your day was everything you wanted it to be, with love and hugs, Le xox

PS if you want any of the recipes please drop me a comment below or email me at

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