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KETO | Breathing + Exercise | Extras for the 14 Day Plan to Prepare for Low Carb Keto

Breathing and exercise, that’s what we are going to talk about today. This is an add on to our 14 day plan to take 7 easy actions that make it possible for you to start low carb keto. Breathing and exercise are extras, as eating low carb keto works a treat by itself. But I think adding some intentional exercise and breathing adds such holistic value. That’s why I wanted to share my thinking on exercise and breathing, as this has really worked for me.


If you missed day one, the first action is back here. There are also two introduction videos. Part A is here and part B is here. Then all the other days up to day 14 will be here.

the 14 day plan to prepare for low carb keto


So it’s less to do with losing weight and more to do with overall wellbeing. Here is a short video on why I find time for a 20-40 minute walk most days and do 10 minutes of focused ‘in my lounge room’ free YouTube workouts on five out of seven days. Plus there is a list of my top free YouTube workout channels. And I don’t mean a punishing HIT regime.


Then there is the breathing. Eight deep breathes in the morning and eight in the evening, now what could that do for us? It’s simple, free and takes less than a minute. And it does so much! Let me share why it matters and then maybe you can consider adding deep breathing to your morning routine.


Need more convincing about deep breathing, well then go here. Eight more reasons to make deep breathing a thing. And now to move your body, try these fab YouTubers ….

  • Rebecca-Louise – shouty, English lass with boundless enthusiasm for life, with the doggos Alphie and Penny by her side
  • Pop Sugar Fitness – mixed bunch of trainers, styles and duration, a literal smorgasbord of options
  • Lilly Sabri – quieter English lass with such a sweet feel good vibe, also has Teddy the dog
  • Sleek Ballet Fitness – two more English women, real dancers doing their best to mainstream classic ballet
  • Love Sweat Fitness – cute as a button Katie Dunlop with exercise, house tours and more

Just a word on my lovely YouTubers. These free resources also have paid versions. I have never needed to use the paid versions. But I bet the paid apps are wonderful. I find the free 10 to 20 minute workouts just right for me. Some of these women do nutrition too, but not low carb keto. So I don’t endorse their calorie counting, ‘healthy eating’ advice. I just love them for their cool video workouts. But I have still learnt heaps from everyone of them.

Happy Days


As I’ve said before, small choices bring big change. Now that you are prepared to start giving low arb keto a go, it will be the small, every day, many times a day choices that will matter, that will add up to the BIG change. And I think that breathing and exercise add to this immensely and support your other choices.


There are lots of handy guides here on the blog, but this action plan to prepare for low carb keto pulls them all together in a logical step by step sequence. A little bit of preparation goes a long way to bolstering your likely success. And I’m speaking from my own experiences here.

So jump in now, go back and watch the introduction videos if you missed them. Then join me for 14 daily videos as I offer up my experience as something to build on for your own success.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement.

Love Le xox

PS Follow along on insta here for daily posts. Or if you prefer your info in a video then pop over to my YouTube.

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