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KETO | Day 14 Starting Low Carb Keto |TODAY is THE DAY

Welcome to day 14, our last day! In 14 days we have taken 7 easy actions that make it possible for you to start low carb keto. Plus we have done 6 out of 7 mindset moments to get our inner self pumped up, primed and ready to smash it. Now we are talking starting low carb keto… TODAY is THE DAY!


If you missed day one, the first action is back here. There are also two introduction videos. Part A is here and part B is here. Then all the other days up to day 13 and beyond will be here.


STARTing low carb keto
print this out and stick it on your wall, in your journal or inside a kitchen cupboard


Preparation is key to success, but there can be no success without pushing the start button. So just do it. You know you want to, even need to, so just say today is the day.


There is no perfect time to start low carb keto.

Waiting for the perfect day, is the death knell to progress

To start you only need to desire something better for yourself. You are worth it, so put a line in the sand and commence.

But it’s Thanksgiving, it’s about to be Christmas, it’s my birthday, my partner said no, my kids will hate it …. blah blah blah blah. Ok then, stay fat, stay tired, stay sick, stay with your life the way it is. Get ready to accept less than you can be. Get ready to settle.

I hear you, I understand, change is hard

Take the first step, last the first day, make better choices for two days, make it to day five. Celebrate each step on your own pathway to better. It only gets easier. Week one to three are harder, week four to six are easier. Week seven, it’s a habit.

Fall off the path, get back on with the next meal. In my week one I ate sushi, ice cream and something else I can’t remember. BIG DEAL, NOT! I just got on with it, recognised what had triggered it, and ate better for the next days. We don’t seek perfection, we seek progress to better.

Put one foot in front of the other and just know it’s going to be ok

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walk on!


Now that you are prepared to start, it will be the small, every day, many times a day choices that will matter, that will add up to the BIG change.

I have zero willpower. That is because eating carbs makes you want to eat more carbs. It’s not about willpower, it’s biology, or physiology to be more precise. It is literally beyond your control. When you can get through the first few days, like days one to four, then you are on the pathway. It’s not dissimilar to giving up caffeine or smoking or any other addictive habit you might like to think about.

Drink your electrolytes, eat more good fats, eat salt and hang with the tribe

In the first three weeks don’t focus on the numbers, focus on the feeling. Like this …

DAY ONE – nervous, excited, optimistic, eating meat and my green veg like a champ!

DAY TWO – optimistic till 12 noon, now hungry, eat more fat, missing my 3pm donut, must find a keto donut recipe

DAY THREE – tired, grumpy, achy, drinking my electrolytes, eating pink salt, going back to bed

DAY FOUR – still blah, watch YouTubes to cheer self up, eating cheese and crying a bit, having a sick day, hate the world

DAY FIVE – leg cramps, need magnesium, eating more meat, eating eggs every which way, eating nuts like candy

DAY SIX – energy back, I’m not dead, it’s going to be ok, OMG my skirt feels looser …

DAY SEVEN – eating butter with everything as I am not afraid of fat, I AM A KETONES FUELED QUEEN!

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There is no failure. The only true failure is not trying in the first place. You will not fail, you will learn, grow, stumble, get up, walk on, try, try harder and walk further. This will be your pathway. Your unique pathway is yours for the discovering. Love your guts and determination to make a difference, Le xox

It’s me, Le, if you get stuck email me – I’m a low carb cheerleader at your disposal!


There are lots of handy guides here on the blog, but this action plan to prepare for low carb keto pulls them all together in a logical step by step sequence. A little bit of preparation goes a long way to bolstering your likely success. And I’m speaking from my own experiences here.

So jump in now, go back and watch the introduction videos if you missed them. Then join me for 14 daily videos as I offer up my experience as something to build on for your own success.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement.

Love Le xox

PS Follow along on insta here for daily posts. Or if you prefer your info in a video then pop over to my YouTube.

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