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KETO | Day 3 – What Foods to Favour on Keto | Action 2 of 7 on the 14 Day Plan to Prepare for Low Carb Keto

ACTION 2: Get yourself the Four Basic Keto Foods Guides

Hello and welcome to day three of our plan to move you towards eating low carb keto. The second action we are going to take is to find the basic keto food guides. As you know in 14 days we will take 7 easy peasy actions that prepare you to give low carb a go

Going low carb keto has been the best thing I have done for my wellbeing in about the last two decades. No exaggeration. If you don’t know my health story, go here, and if you want to know what else low carb keto has given me, the five unexpected benefits, then I talk about that here.

The Keto Food Guides are Here!

But in case you missed the introduction, part A is back here and part B is here. And there are also day one and day two up for you.

Today there are four basic keto food guides that give you all you need to know about which foods are low carb and which ones are not. Here is the video for you.

Here are the four keto food guides for you to copy and save. They are also available on our womens Facebook group Keto Queens Unite! Plus there are longer posts on each of the four topics, veggies, fruit, oils and fats and seeds on this blog.

Now that you have a keto grocery guide and the four keto food guides you can have a good read. Maybe there are some surprises, maybe some things you eat now. One thing in common is carb count. It’s low, carbs are lower in these foods than others. Stick with these foods to keep yourself on a low carb keto pathway.


So days one to three are done. Day four is a mindset moment. We want to prep that big, beautiful brain into being your greatest support mechanism. So every second day is a mindset moment.

It is so important that our internal dialogue with ourselves supports our desire to make a change and take up low carb keto eating. Without some positive self talk we are bound to fail. That’s why every second day is a mindset moment.

You might not need the mindset moments, and that is ok. They are a resource, just like the keto food guides are. You might not need them today, but, maybe in a month or two something might send you to a negative space. Then the mindset moment will be there for you. Here is a short post on why mindest matters, and how to change your mindset.


There are lots of handy guides already here on the blog, but this action plan to prepare for low carb keto pulls them all together in a logical step by step sequence. A little bit of preparation goes a long way to bolstering your likely success. And I’m speaking from my own experiences here.

So jump in now, go back and watch the introduction videos if you missed them. Then join me for 14 daily videos as I offer up my experience as something to build on for your own success.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement.

Love Le xox

PS Follow along on insta here for daily posts. Or if you prefer your info in a video then pop over to my YouTube.

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