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Keto | Easy to Understand Food Guide #04 – Vegetables + Herbs + Spices

Hello my lovelies. Here is my fourth keto food group specific guide. This one, #04 is keto vegetables, herbs and spices. This is a basic guide as it gives fast facts about which keto vegetables will help you keep your carbs low. The basic keto food guide also says which veg to avoid when wanting to eat low carb.


My other basic keto food guides are number #03 fruits, #02 oils, fats and butter. Number #01 was all about seeds and nuts. Click thru on the links to find them. I suggest you save all the images to your phone then when you are out and about you have a handy quick reference source right in your pocket, without having to google anything.

So when you are eating in a ketogenic way, think green vegetables and you will have found keto vegetables.

Things like zucchini, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, bok choy, lettuce, rocket and more. Then add in the white veg like cauliflower and cabbage. Zucchini is a great pasta substitute, see my low carb zucchini noodle spag bol recipe here.


Fast facts, that are easy to remember, that is what my food guides are all about.

These are not an all inclusive, encyclopaedia of all veg everywhere.

Nope, it’s the cheat sheet version. So here it is, click and save now.

You should be able to click in the pic and save the guide to your desktop or smartphone. If you want a PDF version find it on Keto Queens Unite!


One easy way to remember the veg to steer clear of is if it grows below ground.

Farewell thee, you carb laden potato and sweet potato. Hello cauli mash.

No need to have them gobble up your carb count and shoot you out of ketosis. Replace potato with cauliflower mash.


This would not be a low carb keto guide if we didn’t talk avocado. Avos are king of the good fats. So get that avocado into your meals. Suggestions include guacamole of course, but what about avocado chocolate cake … yes and the best recipe for it is found here, at Katrin’s Sugar Free Londoner blog.


Remember pickled veg while looking to eat low carb. Sauerkraut is great, as are no sugar pickles and relish. Just read your labels.

Read labels twice and don’t let sugar in any form sneak on in. Dextrose is sugar in a fancy dress.

I get a no sugar relish from Hawthorne Hill Farm, made in Tasmania, from the Low Carb Emporium or Keto Direct. Plus my beautiful mum has changed the sugar in her relish to monk fruit so now we can have homemade relish again. That’s love right.


I hope you find the basic food guides helpful. If you want my Basic How to Keto Guides #101 and #102 they are back here. Plus #103 and #104 are here.

I first explored keto I was overwhelmed with information and opinion. I was getting myself a tad confused. So, I’ve gone back over my copious amount of notes and am refining them down to single page ‘cheat sheets’ to share with you.

I love writing these guides. I have done four basic keto ones, four keto food ones, two keto and IF meal plans and two intermittent fasting guide. You will find them all on Keto Queens Unite! So come join us.


As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing these to add value to your journey. Also be sure to grab your own medical advice, from you know a doctor, because I’m not one. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, love Le xox

If you are wanting the keto grocery guide please subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox. Want an easy peasy keto raspberry cheesecake then go here for my recipe.

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