keto birthday cheesecake

Keto Birthday Lunch | My first try at a keto birthday lunch

One keto birthday lunch for 11 coming up! Our beautiful son turned 16, so on Sunday we had a family birthday lunch for him. This time it was 100% gluten free, 95% low carb and a good 80% keto.

A low carb keto birthday lunch for two kids, two teens and 7 adults.


I am not a gourmet cook by any measure. I like easy, I like recognisable, I like affordable. So this is what I did ….

keto birthday lunch menu


Everyone was arriving at 11.30am for a 12.30pm lunch. Because of this, I did some prep the afternoon before. The crackers, parmesan crisps, humus and cheesecake are all homemade by me the day before.

I did the pizza, prosciutto rolls, stuffed dates and salads on the morning of. The sushi and sashimi was bought from Sushi Edo. My darling mum made the stuffed eggs and my most honourable cousin did the roast chicken. My hubbie did the bbq with the lamb loin chops and sausages on the day.

Here’s how the prep and day rolled out.

prep and lunch video


I have some of the recipes still in my head, but some are here already. The peppermint cheesecake is based on the raspberry cheese, found here. Recipe below. I just made three separate layers of topping. The bottom was carob, the middle was peppermint carob with carob buds from Little Zebra Chocolates and the top layer was peppermint.

Watch the video to see how I made the top layer creamier than ever with the addition of collagen creamer powder.

keto raspberry cheesecake

The peppermint cheesecake was a real hit with keto and non keto folk alike. I got the gold leaf from Coles for about $3.60. There were two sheets inside. I basically wasted the first sheet as I got it all over my nails. But, with unwanted help from my older son and husband I got the second sheet onto the Little Zebra carob buds for the edging.

The stars and 16 were from Bargain City and cost less than $10 for all. Candles from another bargain shop.


I use the fathead dough that I usually use for scrolls for the pizza bases. To make pizza bases flatten out the dough and cook for ten minutes, then remove. Then add tomato paste and toppings and cook for another 10 minutes. I made salami and anchovy, my fav, and pineapple and ham for the birthday boy.

I usually finish under the grill for 3 to 5 minutes to get that cheese toasty.

keto meat lovers pizza
Salami and Anchovy Keto Pizza


It was a really lovely day. Everyone BYOed their own drinks. I had a special strawberry and mint frappe that I’d made for the kids. I bought strawberry glass bottle cups from Kmart. Went down a treat. I had zero carb soda and kombucha for me.

Here are some happy snaps.

I think it was worth the effort. We had leftovers for dinner and the following lunch.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

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