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Keto Shopping | Keto Cookies make GREAT Keto Snacks !!

Hello darling ones. Keto cookies by Keto-Bites are here to save the day! As you know eating low carb and keto is made easier if you have keto friendly snacks to hand. Enter stage left, the best ever made for you snacking keto cookies. Wait till you see the carb count ….

One gram or less of carbs per snacking pack!

Meet Vanilla Coffee Keto Cookies

The first wee pack I tried was vanilla coffee. Two of my favourite flavours. The keto cookies were delicious and to make them cuter than cute I smooched them together with cream cheese. Joy of joys, a mini yo-yo biscuit. Then I tried the choc orange. Such a delight. I got them from the Low Carb Emporium.

The BIG Box – More Keto Cookies for me!

After trying the vanilla coffee and the chocolate orange, I decided it was time to get serious. So I went directly to and bought the BIG BOX. I got one of each flavour. So far I have had the cinnamon and the choc chip. Both yummy, but the cinnamon did it for me as so much like cinnamon donuts. Happy dance!

If I decide to share, not likely, then these wee packs will make great school lunch add ins. Always looking for low cost, convenient and low carb ideas for my wee lads and their school lunches.

Keto Cookies
flavours for every taste bud

Here is a wee unboxing clip, watch it and see all the flavours and a wee chat, including a piece of furniture we found curbside. Hint, it’s white, low and has hinges … bet you cannot guess!

Keto Cookies Flavours

So the lovely people behind Keto-Bites have really nailed the flavour choices. Besides cinnamon, vanilla coffee and choc orange, you have …. choc chip, dark choc, lemon and vanilla. Plus you can order any mix of varieties you like. Now that is service with a capital S!! I actually bought two boxes. One for me and one as a gift for a new to keto friend. I think these keto cookies would make great presents for Christmas and birthdays for your keto low carb-conscious friends and family.

keto cookies
keto cookies to your snack time rescue!

If you must bake …

If you still feel like making your own cookies, then try these low carb lemon cookies. More time and effort than ordering online, but will meet your cookie needs for sure. Or these low carb fake donut holes will also fill a void in snack world when you need it.

Anyways, wishing you well as always on your low carb and keto pathway. Big squeeze, Le xox

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