Keto | Is Keto is extreme, complicated + expensive? Well, it’s extremely good for me!

So hello my lovelies, here’s a question for you, is keto extreme? I don’t think, so I’m going to talk about why I don’t believe these statements to be true. You might want to try low carb or keto eating. But are you put off by folk saying keto is an extreme diet, is complicated and expensive? You know, I don’t think eating low carb and keto has to be any of those things, and I’ll tell you why.

When someone asked me how I lost my weight, I said low carb keto eating. I saw their eyes roll and they went on to say keto was extreme. Keto is extremely what I asked, and they said an extreme diet, plus complicated and expensive. I was floored, as I don’t think it’s extreme, complicated or expensive.

a short 4 minute video on why I think keto isn’t complicated


Let me ask the question … If keto is extreme, then extremely what? Is low carb an extreme diet? Eating in a low carb and keto way is different, but in no way is it extreme. Except, extremely good for me. I say that because low carb and keto has allowed me to ditch sugar. Because of keto, I have also ditched highly processed carbs and the last bit of gluten from my food.

Choosing not to eat sugar is not extreme, it’s just not mainstream, yet. Not eating excess carbs is not extreme, it’s just not the food triangle or pyramid we learnt in school. I still eat carbs,. It’s not possible to eat zero carbs and still get the variety of food I want. Vegetables have carbs, berries have carbs, therefore I eat carbs. But I am selective about which carbs and how many I eat on any one day. Let me say it again, I eat carbs, but it’s not at the base of my food triangle, nope. It’s right at the top, in the teeny, tiny point.

I think some folk call it extreme because you wanting to change what you eat can trigger their own insecurities.

Would you call being a vegetarian extreme? Probably not. Being vegetarian has been a mainstream diet choice in western countries for decades now. Within a few more decades being someone who chooses low carb over high carb will be just another choice.


Another comment I get is that keto is complicated. WRONG again. Keto is not complicated. Keto is the opposite of complicated. I say this, because it’s true. Yes, I believe there is a system to keto that you want and need to understand. Then you will be successful at keto. Yes, you can complicate the system, if you try and cheat the system.

But, when you stick to the system, then I think keto is basic.

Eating keto is easy once you have your head around the basics. So if you want my Basic Keto Guides #101 and #102 they are back here. Plus #103 and #104 are here. I have written some basic keto food guides too. There is one on fruits, one on nuts and seeds and one on oils and fats.


  • Minimise the carbs – don’t eat them on purpose or by accident – if you need a guide keep under 20g net carbs as your daily goal
  • Good fats are good for you – eat more – my food group guide #102 is all about which fats are the good guys and which are the toxic free radical icky fats you want to avoid, hint avoid seed oils
  • Protein is the basis for every meal – find your protein, add your good fat and a leafy green and you are pretty much there
  • In the early days keep it simple – as in don’t get sucked into gimmicky ‘keto safe’ branded products, because you know they slip crap into those things to, wait for it, make a profit, so just leave them out until your understanding grows. You are better off sticking with real food, it’s cheaper and easier. Find three meals in a meal plan and just stick to them, and achieve your goals, rather than getting all fancy! Fancy can come later, when you’re a pro, or not.

Just to help sort some meals for you that are basic and easy, here is my Easy Everday Foods Keto Meal Plan. I have an even more basic plan too. So if you would like that, then drop me an email and I’ll send it to you. It’s all about sharing knowledging and empowering you to be your own low carb keto boss.


Someone said to me well done on losing the weight, and then a backhander by saying it must be costing you a fortune to eat keto foods. Well, no, not a fortune. I nearly snapped back with ‘well what is the price of good health nowadays” But I didn’t because I knew what they meant.

If I was to buy lots of keto-friendly products, like ketone drinks, keto snacks and keto premade meals, well maybe to would be more expensive, maybe …

As we were already a gluten-free family, not much has changed cost-wise. Almond flour is a bit more expensive, but we have cut out some other gluten-free, high carb products so I think I am about even.

Meat and veggies cost no more than they did before keto. I mostly buy frozen berries as out of season fruit of any kind is expensive. Our cheese bill was always a chunk of our shopping and that hasn’t changed.

I have swapped to organic eggs for eating (I still bake with standard eggs) and grass-fed butter, but that is about it. I have stopped buying milk, energy balls, chips and junky snacks, so there is a saving. My keto chocolate is more expensive, but I only eat half as much. Go figure ….


I think eating low carb keto is sustainable, and I’ll tell you why. I think it’s do-able because low carb keto foods are everywhere. Eggs, yes, bacon yes, steak yes, chicken and fish, yes yes! Green veggies yes, purple and red fruits yes, cheese yes, salami yes, nuts yes, oils yes, butter and cream YES !!

And in case you need more convincing, here are some keto favs of mine.

If you are wanting the keto grocery guide please subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox. As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

PS If you are still stumbling on what to eat, because let’s say, you don’t do fish, then drop me an email and I will help design a personal eating plan for you 🙂 Gotta help a sister out right! There is no catch, I just like doing this stuff 🙂

Update – as at July 2020 I have lost 55 pounds / 25kgs


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