cinnamon rolls on a plate

Recipe | Keto Low Carb Cinnamon Scrolls

Keto low carb cinnamon scrolls are here to make your day! Hello there my lovelies. You should know it was with a mix of love and angst that I made these. Cinnamon scrolls were a major contributor to fat me. I would often stop on my way to work in the morning and grab a cinnie scroll and ice coffee.

So, when I decided to make these keto friendly, low carb cinnamon scrolls there was a little bit of the fat girl in me going yippee yippee, while the newly minted thinner me was saying nooooooo, don’t open that pandora’s box of crazy.

But I went there and all was well. I simply cannot eat a lot of these keto friendly, low carb cinnamon scrolls as the fat content makes you full and the no sugar means no cravings. This is fabulous. In fact I ate one. ONE. One. Just one. The family had one each and we froze the rest for another day.

That’s not to say they were not divine, they were.

It is an absolute joy to me to be able to have these ‘bad foods’ made good by some recipe tweaks, some bits left out and some new bits added in. This is what makes low carb and keto sustainable. I hope you enjoy these too. Big squeeze Le xox

PS If you missed this Baked Lemon Slice, she’s a real charmer too.

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