Rewind | September Rewind 2020

September rewind is here my lovelies, welcome! I still feel like it’s April, but no it’s time for the September rewind.


So the first month of spring has sprung on by. I have had so much joy come my way via photographing the flowers on my morning walk. Look at these grevilleas, taking pride of place in my pics. These Australian natives are simply stunning right about now. Which is your favourite?

This month I wrote about kindness, and how the first kindness is, and must be, to yourself. If you missed that, then here it is. I think to be of value to others in the crazy COVID19 world you must first look after yourself. My morning walks are all about showing kindness to myself. Then I get get on with my day and be of service to others. How are you showing kindness to yourself, best have a little think about that.


I am continuing to find keto alternatives for all we love. In September I have perfected my great bread rolls using the recipe here from Tara’s Keto Kitchen. Previously, I was hand mixing the dough. Then I got myself a kick-ass food processor and I now do the bread mixing in that. Now, my new technique really gets the cheese and eggs well mixed with the flour, this is a key point to getting the consistency right.

I have also been sharing my knowledge and experiences via some wee keto and IF guides. Go here if you missed them. You can find six in total, including a specific guide on fruit, It’s a myth BUSTED that you cannot have fruit on keto. Of course you can, if you just stick with the lower carb fruits like raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

I have also shared my first bake day experience with you.

I picked this up from the beautiful American girlies who do meal prep and bake days like the devil does crack cocaine.

And I’m addicted!! I love my bake days and bulk meal preps because these are so helpful in keeping me on the keto low carb pathway. I also love chatting away to you as I film my baking exploits. So grab a coffee and come get some more bake day inspiration here .

I have also written my top five tips for keeping on the low carb pathway and why I love intermittent fasting so darn much. These tips are loved by me because they have helped me focus and have kept my weight stable within +/- 400g for THREE, say it with me THREE months!! I am as happy as you can legally be about this.


I had a self reflective moment and wrote about mothering boys. We have two you know. I would have had more if I’d found the right sperm earlier in the history of things. But I was an ‘older mother’ at 36 and 38, so I stopped short with two. My self reflection was bought about by my eldest baby being three months off becoming an adult in the eyes of the law here in Australia.

He is no more an adult than I am a trapeze artist.

In fact, I can hang upside down on the monkey bars still, so maybe I edge him out. He’s not adult material because I say so and because he is sweet, forgetful, rude, caring, self centred, thoughtful and kind. I think he is a man child standing 6foot something, and I will protect, defend and mother him till my last breath is gone.

My wee one, at 15 is more mature than most adults I know. Yes, still the occasional teen hormone rage surge, but always so self reflective after. I know this child cares deeply about the world and it’s inequities. We went thrift shopping, op shopping last week. While shopping he refused to buy from the Salvation Army given their stance on same sex marriage. As in not supporting it. He just said no mum, not now not never. I was in awe of his resolve.


So I am love, love, loving building the Facebook community, Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite! We are 95 kick ass cool women strong now and are sharing our true stories, recipes and more on a daily basis. I had my first dude want to join this week. Sorry dude, a dude free zone on purpose.

Come visit us and join other women exploring, learning and practising low carb, keto and intermittent fasting. We are at Keto Queens Unite!

So how was your month, do tell! Here is my September rewind in video.


I am wishing you a wonderful second month of spring, as what’s not to love about spring. Stay safe, engaged and healthy because I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even LinkedIn. And not to forget Pinterest!!

Did you know I have an ever growing collection of YouTube videos too, these are a great keto and low carb resource library in the making. I think life is good, as I navigate my new normal and I hope it’s the same for you. Thank-you for your ongoing support, it means the world to me. Big squeeze, Le xox

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