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Farewell to Fat | Why I love Intermittent Fasting

Hello there lovely ones. Today, I thought we’d have a talk about intermittent fasting, and why I love it. I certainly love eating low carb and keto, and what makes eating even better is fasting. Lots of us do keto and intermittent fasting together. You don’t have to. You might do low carb alone, or keto alone or even intermittent fasting alone.

So what is intermittent fasting, or IF as it’s called.

It’s just making a decision and then the commitment not to eat for a certain period of time. Most commonly, 16 hours. So no eating for 16 hours, then having an eight hour ‘eating window’ is intermittent fasting. The combinations are almost endless. Some folk do 16 | 8, some do 20 |4, some do 14 hour fasts. Some hard core folk even do a 24 hour fast.

Me, well I do the 16 hour fast, from 7pm each night till 11am the next day.

The times do not matter, What matters is that basic premise of not eating. I choose to eat dinner before 7pm, then I drink only water till about 8am the next day. Around 8am I have a black coffee, has to be black, no milk, cream or sugar. I might have a second coffee before 11am. Then at 11am I make and drink my bone broth. This breaks my fast. Then I eat.

Today, I had zero sugar low carb caramel chaffles (egg and mozzarella waffles) with butter, sugar free raspberry jam and fresh strawberries. Most times I have something more protein-y, like chicken or egg and bacon or a salad with smoked salmon and goats cheese. But, it’s school hols and I just got my mini waffle maker last night, so chaffles it was.

The days don’t matter either, or more accurately, you get to choose. I do everyday. If I was doing long fasts I would only do a couple each week. It’s your choice.

Any fasting time is a good time as it gives the body a break from the eating cycle and creates a kind of positive stress.

Seeing you are not eating food, your body looks to it’s stored energy, you know fat, and takes from there. WIN WIN. If you choose to do low carb or keto, the fasting helps get you into and stay in ketosis. If you want more science, go see Thomas DeLauer, he’s got the poop on IF from a nerdy point of view, especially for women. Here’s a second link to a video on how long to fast for different results.

But, back to why I love IF. It is the freedom, it is the hassle free routine and it is the easy disciple of it. That’s why I’m IF forever! Here’s a wee video to explain.

Giving IF a go is simple too. No fancy potions, no mixes, no counting anything except the hours, no gym memberships. Just do it. You don’t even need Nikes … just do it! Plus I have done two IF guides that might be handy, to be found here. They look like this.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing my experiences to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. I would also invite you come meet the tribe at Low Carb + If + Keto Queens Unite! We are like a big ole warm hug for women interest in pursuing a better way of being thru low carb, keto or intermittent fasting. Big squeeze, Le xox

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Ps if you are wanting a great keto friendly cookie go here for my lemon keto cookies. A great add on to a coffee after your fast is over. Delish!


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