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Farewell to Fat | Top 5 Ideas to Keep you on the Low Carb Keto Pathway

Hello my lovelies. Today I wanted to share the top five things I think can keep you on the low carb keto pathway to saying farewell to fat forever. Now, forever is a loonnngg time, so let’s just focus on how to start and stay on the pathway for now.

Empty the house of non low carb / keto foods

This tip is number one on the low carb keto pathway as it’s a) simple b) sensible and c) easy to achieve. We all know that carbs have to be minimised for success. So first things first, dump the carbs from the home environment. I boxed up all my carby foods and gave it all to my mum. Mum kept some and then donated the rest to a friend who does outreach work.

It’s no good just putting the carb -ful (like harmful) foods in a hard to reach cupboard. Well, no good for me anyways, as that would have required willpower. And let’s face it, if I’d had an abundance of willpower I may not have got fat in the first place. No, get the carb laden temptation gone.

Stuck at home and in a moment of need, you can’t go off plan if there is nothing there to binge on besides macadamia nuts, raspberries and keto snacks. Yes, of course, one could eat too many nuts. Too many nuts might wreck your weight loss aspirations for one day, but too many nuts won’t reignite a dependence on carbs and sugar and send you spiralling out of control as cravings crash in around you for the next week as your blood sugars surge and fall. Dramatic hey.

So even emotional eating on keto and low carb is better for you than before. Think about that, then box up that carby crap and give it to a good home that is not yours.

Be prepared, like a scout ….

One of the reasons I do low carb and keto baking days is to be prepared. A three hour stint in the kitchen once a week, makes a world of difference when trying to stick to the low carb pathway.

Once a week I put aside three to four hours and cook my little patootie off. This is a great strategy as it saves me time later, makes me feel in control and gives me ample choices for keto snacking and meals for at least five days.

Most often I make …..

Here’s a wee video from my last bake day. As you can see, I like a good chat with my bake days. You can find more of my prep videos and how-to demos over at my YouTube channel, Le Plus Three YouTube.

I have recipes done for most of these too and have shared them on our facebook group. The recipes look like this. I only do easy and I try to keep them simple and steer away from unusual or hard to find ingredients.

Cinnamon sugar cookies from my keto bake day

Keep it simple … bacon and eggs are a good start

In those first six weeks or so, after moving to keto and low carb eating, just keep it simple. Simple meals and simple foods means it’s easier to keep on the low carb keto pathway and we are less likely to eat accidental carbs. Be mindful of fancy ‘keto friendly’ foods. Some make claims that are questionable, most have some less than desirable add ins and more than anything these foods can be expensive.

Bacon and eggs can be done 101 ways. Add avocado and BOOM winner! Eat green veggies, purple and red berries, cream, cheese and meat. I have some simple guides that feature every day foods, including a keto shopping guide. The guides look like this, and when you subscribe to this blog I send you the every day foods keto and low carb shopping guide. Click on HOME and see the subscription box down the right side of the page, can’t wait to have you onboard.

Plan your three meals + two snacks

A bit like be prepared, is plan your meals along the low carb keto pathway. Just till you get the hang of it. A meal plan can help take away the angst of ‘what to eat’ after a long day at work. A meal plan can give you a pattern to follow and a way to move thru the week while keeping on the low carb keto pathway.

To really give keto a go it takes six weeks. Yes, you will get results after two weeks, but to really deal with the carb cravings, to ditch the dependence on sugar, and to end the 3pm slump, you need to give yourself time. So planning your meals gives you that time. Make the commitment and stick to the plan. Low carb and keto has worked for thousands of people, it can work for you too.

And just in case that all feels a bit overwhelming, here’s a plan I put together for you already. I have others so drop me an email here if you would like them.

Easy Everyday foods 5 day keto meal plan
adapt, change + modify to suit yourself

Find yourself a tribe of like-minded peeps

This one is super important on the low carb keto pathway. Sometimes our loved ones, friends and family may not be the most supportive of keto pathway buddies. Sometimes they mean well, but undermine our efforts with not so helpful behaviours. In part, this is because any change is challenging, not just for us, but for them too. That’s why you most definitely want to join a keto tribe. There are hundreds to choose from.

come join our Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite!

Our group, Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite! is for women and offers a positive, judgment free zone to explore new ways of being carb aware. We have a focus on women empowering women and all women are welcome. We share, we learn, we cheer each other on. It’s a caring, upbeat place and it’s easy to join.

My other favourite spaces are Ketosis Focus with Lydia. Keeping it real, sharing the ups and downs and just being super honest about how it all works for her. I love Kristi Davis for her southern charm and home spun wisdom. I go to Thomas DeLauer for the science nerd content and some great subject specific videos. Plus the Low Carb Doctors have some meatier keto and low carb doctoring going on at Low Carb Down Under. My two recipe hangouts are Tara’s Keto Kitchen and Katrin at Sugar Free Londoner.

There is pretty much nothing you cannot learn on line about keto and low carb. Once you find your village, it’s a very supportive place. Just a wee word of caution. Some keto groups are badly disguised network marketing venues. If you see too many ‘buy this’, ‘must get that’ posts you are probably in the wrong place. There are also a few nasty ‘keto police’ about, who are usually hard core keto purists. I find them a little cra cra and best avoided.

So, that’s my top five for the low carb keto pathway. There are plenty of other bits and bobs to cover off on, and you can find some of them here now and more to come. If I wanted to add number six it would be move your body. Walk around the block, dance, play tennis, just move your way every day.

Le on Keto
Me on keto + IF, full of life less 55 pounds / 25kgs

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my low carb keto pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing what works for me to add value to your journey. Also be sure to grab your own medical advice before making big changes, from you know, a doctor, because I’m not one. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

Ps if you are wanting a great keto raspberry cheesecake then go here for my recipe.

keto bake day raspberry cheese cake

If you are wanting the keto grocery guide please subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox.

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