Farewell to Fat | Keto Baking Day #01

Hello my lovelies. Welcome to my first ever keto baking day. I have fallen in love with the American concept of the meal prep day. I say American, but I am sure we did this across Australia and New Zeland too. But given I worked and left all the meal prep to my stay at home husband, it was never a thing. So I had myself a keto baking day on steriods.

I have been watching Kristi Davis on YouTube. Kristi is a major meal prepper. So I took some inspiration from her, and created my very own bake days. I have done about three now.

As one of the ways to support my keto eating, it is good to be prepared.

On my first keto baking day, I made parmesan crisps, bacon and cheese scrolls, cinnamon cookies, doughnut holes, raspberry pudding cakes and mini cinnamon muffins.

It was a fun way to spend four hours, and I felt very productive after the keto baking day was all baked and the clean up was done. Some real time saved in getting everything done at once and some doubling up in the oven meant a good use of that resource too. Plus I filmed it. Just for fun.

I have recipes done for most of these and have shared them on our facebook group. The recipes look like this. I only do easy and try to keep them simple, and steer away from unusual or hard to find ingredients.

Cinnamon sugar cookies from my keto bake day

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing what works for me to add value to your journey. Also be sure to grab your own medical advice before making big changes, from you know, a doctor, because I’m not one. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

Ps if you are wanting a great keto raspberry cheesecake then go here for my recipe.

keto bake day raspberry cheese cake

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