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Family | Mother of Boys

It’s a bit special being a mother of boys. I am sure it’s very special being a mother of a girl too. I have no first hand girl-mothering experience. I have two boys. Quite late in my life, 22 months apart. I am glad you cannot choose (well not usually) the sex of your child. A mother of boys, I am. I think, somewhere, somehow, something had a plan.

I think, I was always destined to be the mother of boys.

I am too sharp, too practical, too hard nosed, to ‘like it or lump it’ to mother a girl. I am in your face, I am rough and tumble. I am inelegant, loud and noisy. I am a mother of boys.


That said, the main reason I love mothering boys is the challenge of breaking the status quo. I want to raise boys you would like your child to partner up with, for life.

I want to raise boys who love, admire, value and support women.

Boys who can cook, clean and parent. I want boys raised in a way that causes them to value domestic work product, that creates an appreciation of design, art and culture, that allows them to embrace feelings, empathy and emotion.

I want to mould boys into men who can communicate, who have soft skills, who are kind hearted and open minded. I feel this is why I got to mother boys. To make a difference.

To end the the dependency on sports as the only expression of male worthiness.

To challenge the ‘real men don’t eat quiche’ paradigm. Real men shop for the ingredients, make the quiche, then eat it. Plus clean up after.

mother of boys

I am currently mothering in the mid to late teen years. A challenge like no other. I feel we are at the ‘make it or break it stage’.

I see glimmers of the men they can be. I see shards of the men I don’t want them to be.

I see much to love, and hope for more. I clearly see where we have come from, and no so clearly where we are going. I am a mother of boys. I am blessed. Love Le xox

mother of boys

PS meet the rest of the family here, see our travels and our adventures here and see the places we have lived here. Enjoy!

PSS Want some practical tips for raising your boys, go here. Very sensible indeed.

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