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Review | Melinda’s Lower Carb Pancake + Waffle Mix

Hello my lovelies. Wanting a lower carb waffle + pancake mix you can buy ready portioned, just add eggs and milk … Well here it is! My review on the lovely Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies Pancake and Waffle Mix.

To be fair, we made ours into pikelets, cos you know, just did. We are soooo Aussie … Oi Oi Oi

Sandwiched them with cream and squished raspberries. The colour and patterns within squished raspberries just brings me such joy!

  • Prep 5 easy minutes
  • Cook 5 minutes
  • Skill – easy peasy
  • Made 15
  • Kid friendly

  • Gluten free
  • Lower carb
  • Vegan variations
Mix in progress plus a good chat!

Verdict – very, very yummy. Fluffy enough, but not over over fluffed. Great colour, great texture. Just loved them!

Follow the instructions on the box as they are super accurate.

While we stay home to stay safe, get your Melinda’s Pancake + Waffle Mix from the Low Carb Emporium. The name behind the Melinda‚Äôs range is a real Melinda, Melinda Trembath. Melinda is a qualified nutritionist and it was through her own battle as a coeliac that she created gluten-free products. So out of necessity a business was born. Products are made right here in Australia so you are assured of the quality and workplace practices.

I took mine outside with a coffee.

As you will hear in the video chat, it was an emotional cooking session. Still all better now! Hope you are yours continue to navigate this new and surreal COVID19 year. I think more pancakes, waffles and pikelets are required! Love Le xox

PS Other things I have made from Melinda’s range include Red Velet Cake , lower carb Five Seed Crackers, lower carb Muffins and a Ginger Loaf. Not a failure amongst them.


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