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Farewell to Fat | What I eat in a day on Keto …

Hello my lovelies, here to share what I eat in a day on keto. Firstly, I am pleased beyond reason that my weight loss is staying lost.

The Scales

If, like me you have been up and down the scales more times than a concert pianist, you will understand the angst I have felt that maybe my weight loss was ‘just a fluke’, and wasn’t going to hold.

But I have held. For nearly two months I have seen the same number on the scales + or – 400 grams/14 ounces.

This seems like a miracle of sorts, to finally be free of weight, cravings + 3pm slumps … even maybe FOR GOOD, thanks to keto + intermittent fasting …

What I eat in a day on keto

So what do I eat in a day on keto? Along my keto journey, I have found that some folk have real misconceptions about the keto style of eating. So to do my bit to bust a myth I have made a wee video showing what I eat in a day. It was just an average, old Friday, nothing special. Plus the boys were on a day off from school, so I caught what they ate too, just for fun.

By sharing this ‘run of the mill’ day, I am hoping to dispel some of the misunderstandings around keto. Odds on, some of your meals are already keto meals …

So when you watch the video you will find that we eat bulk standard food, that is keto food. We keep it simple, because simple is easy, less costly and less likely to hide pitfalls and nutritional black holes.

Not counting macros

Sure, I minimise the carbs. I don’t eat them on purpose or by accident. I want my body to burn fat.

Fat for the long haul, fat to give me sustained energy and fat to keep my mind clear and my moods level.

Good fats are good for me. My food group guide #02 is all about which fats are the good guys and which are the toxic free radical icky fats you want to avoid, hint avoid seed oils. For sooooo long we have been fed the ‘low fat’ myth, that has been supported by an ever increasing dose of sugar consumption. Well no more.

Now protein, good fats, green veg and purple + red berries rule my world.

And straight up and down I am happy about it. Strawberries and cream, raspberry smoothies, smoked salmon, eggs bennie and burgers make it to our weekly menu.

What I cook on keto

I have loved experimenting with revised recipes. I have had a few fails, but more successes. Plus, it’s a creative joy to share these new yummies with my fam bam, and my keto fam on Keto Queens Unite, and you.

Here are some pics from the last 30 days of eating, to tempt you to consider a keto experiment in your own life. After all, what have you got to lose … maybe 25 kg/55 pounds like I did. Biggest squeeze, Le xox

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