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Farewell to Fat | Want to try Keto, but stuck on what to eat …

Hello my lovelies. My first five day keto meal plan is here! Based on everyday foods and easy to prepare meals, because, you know, we are busy! You should be able to right click on the image and save it to your smart phone or device. Then, when you need to know, it’s right there.

Meals in blue have recipes you can find here at Le Plus Three or on our facebook group, Low Carb +IF + Keto Queens Unite!

Eating keto isn’t hard once you have your head around the basics, so if you want my Basic Keto Guides #101 and #102 they are back here. Plus #103 and #104 are here.

As a reminder, here are four quick ‘keto truths’

  1. Minimise the carbs – don’t eat them on purpose or by accident – if you need a guide keep under 20g net carbs as your daily goal
  2. Good fats are good for you – eat more – my food group guide #102 is all about which fats are the good guys and which are the toxic free radical icky fats you want to avoid, hint avoid seed oils
  3. Protein is the basis for every meal – find your protein, add your good fat and a leafy green and you are pretty much there
  4. In the early days keep it simple – as in don’t get sucked into gimmicky ‘keto safe’ branded products, because you know they slip crap into those things to, wait for it, make a profit, so just leave them out until your understanding grows. You are better off sticking with real food, it’s cheaper and easier. Find three meals in the meal plan and just stick to them, and achieve your goals, rather than getting all fancy! Fancy can come later, when you’re a pro, or not.

As you know when I first explored keto I was overwhelmed with information and opinion. I was getting myself a tad confused. So, I’ve gone back over my copious amount of notes and am refining them down to easy to follow guides, that I hope will support your keto aspirations.

Thus far I have done four basic keto guides, three keto food guides (nuts and seeds, fats and oils and fruits) and two intermittent fasting guide. You will find them all on Keto Queens Unite! So come join us.

If you are wanting the keto grocery guide please subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox. As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing to add value to your journey. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

PS If you are still stumbling on what to eat, because lets say, you don’t do fish, then drop me an email and I will help design a personal eating plan for you 🙂 Gotta help a sister out right! There is no catch, I just like doing this stuff 🙂

Update – as at July 2020 I have lost 55 pounds / 25kgs

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