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Rewind | August 2020

Hello my lovelies, welcome to the August rewind. Yesterday it was August 15, and now it’s September 1!!!


Ugh, stupid COVID19 still holds the world to ransom. Victoria is still a mess, but getting less messy. The federal government is arguing with the states on boarder closures. Brisbane, where I live, is fairing better, with a few random outbreaks here and there. We have been told to wear masks on public transport and in shopping centres.

My heart cries for America, the brave.

As I watched the news yesterday, the report was 40 000 dying each day in the US. No, how can this be. It’s not a question, it’s a statement. It’s heart breaking stats all around the world, but America I expected better from your beautiful self.

So August finds me still in my healthy height – weight range. Down 200g from July. I am blown away by this. Until you have been significantly overweight for some time, this won’t seem like a big deal, but it is. I give a 12 month comparison in the video. Here it is in images.


I am finding keto alternatives for all we love and that takes a bit of effort. In August I covered off on passionfruit butter, raspberry cheesecake and a baked lemon slice. Recipes are linked here. Plus I started the once a week marathon bake/meal prep sessions. Usually four hours on a Sunday. It’s a gift to my family to have keto bread, scrolls and cookies.

I have also been sharing my knowledge and experiences via some wee keto and IF guides. Go here if you missed them. There are six in total, including specific guides on nuts and seeds and one on fats and oils.

I also spoke about my kids on keto / low carb and what benefits have materialised.

I was surprised and thrilled with the outcomes. One down side, my little man has developed a rash from erythritol. It’s an alcohol sugar, with no carbs, and together with monk fruit I was using it in baking. But no more for him. Soon I will trial only monk fruit.


So I am love, love, loving building the Facebook community, Low Carb + IF + Keto Queens Unite! We are 73 strong now and sharing our true stories, recipes and more on a daily basis.

Come visit us and join other women exploring, learning and practising keto and intermittent fasting. We are at Keto Queens Unite!

So how was your August, do tell! Here is my August in rewind.

August in pictures ….

Wishing you a wonderful spring into September. Stay safe, engaged and healthy. I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even LinkedIn. And not to forget Pinterest!! Plus I have an ever growing collection of YouTube videos too. Life is good.

Thank-you for your ongoing support, big squeeze, Le xox

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