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Farewell to Fat | Basic Keto Food Guide #02 Oils + Fats + Butters

Hello my lovelies. Here is my second keto food group specific guide. This one, #02 is oils, fats and butter. Number #01 was all about seeds and nuts. I think number #03 will be fruit.

It was a big mind flip for me when I started keto to think it was ok to eat fats.

Years of ‘low fat’ programming had made sugar king in my life. Once I got my head around the concept that eating fats did not make me fat, then I got confused between the fats, the good oils and the bad oils. No all oils are created equate.

Fast facts, that are easy to remember, that what my food guides are all about. These are not an all inclusive, encyclopedia of oils, fats and butters, and where they fit into keto. Nope, it’s the cheat sheet version.

Some oils don’t like to be heated, as once heated the oil denatures and kind of goes ‘off’ or creates free radicals and forms harmful compounds. Now, no one wants a free radical running amok in our body do we. So just pay attention to which oils are good for cooking and which are not. It’s not hard once you know.

If you only want to remember one oil, remember coconut oil. Coconut oil gets the five star award for being an all round winner. Cook with it, eat it, bake with it, or in it’s MCT form stick it in your smoothies. Coconut oil rocks the keto world!

You should be able to click in the pic and save the guide to your desktop or smartphone. If you want a PDF version find it on Keto Queens Unite!

I hope you find that helpful. If you want my Basic Keto Guides #101 and #102 they are back here. Plus #103 and #104 are here.

As you know when I first explored keto I was overwhelmed with information and opinion. I was getting myself a tad confused. So, I’ve gone back over my copious amount of notes and am refining them down to single page ‘cheat sheets’ to share with you.

Thus far I have done four keto ones, two keto food ones and one intermittent fasting guide. You will find them all on Keto Queens Unite! So come join us.

As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing these to add value to your journey. Also be sure to grab your own medical advice, from you know a doctor, because I’m not one. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

Ps if you are wanting a great keto friendly passionfruit butter then go here for my recipe – yummiest thing ever, besides caramel slice 🙂 That recipe is coming soon 🙂

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