Recipe | Keto Baked Lemon Slice

Hello there my lovelies. A new keto-friendly recipe today. I was wanting a slice that was lemony and baked, not fridge set. So I modified this little one to make it keto friendly. It is a two part deal, as in make the base, bake it and then make the filling and bake it, but it’s not really fiddly or difficult. Just a bit of extra time required.

I gave some to a friend who described it as ‘luscious’. I agree, it’s light and luscious at the same time !!

The extra time is worth it as the base is shortbread like, while the top has the best characteristics of curd, custard and lemon butter all rolled into one sweet, tart yumminess. Don’t let the pale yellow slice dull your senses, it is packed with flavour. I think you could sub in lime as another flavour source, or double the lemon quantity for twice the flavour hit.

Do you like this new way of presenting recipes? Let me know. I’m doing them as an image, so you can click on it and copy the image to your own files. For later, you know, for when you want to make it. The base could be used in 101 other ways, I’m planning a coconut and raspberry slice soon.

four lemon fruits forming straight line on a white background
Photo by Madison Inouye on

I hope you enjoy your baked lemon slice your way. Topped with cream, berry coulis, yogurt or nude as is. It’s such a treat, that creamy kind of olde world goodness. Just remember to adjust your carb and macro count accordingly. For more keto / low carb and GF recipes go here.

Big squeeze, Le xox

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Eating keto has never been easier … ideas below.


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