Recipe | Keto Raspberry Cheesecake

Hello there my lovelies. A new keto-friendly recipe today. I haven’t met a cheesecake I didn’t like, and one of my top three is raspberry. Here is a keto safe version of raspberry cheesecake.

Raspberries, along with passionfruit and coffee are three of my top five flavours. Ohh, and lemon of course !!

So any of those flavours could be swapped out for the raspberries and BAM! More cheesecake! I just made a blackberry variety today and it was excellent.

Super simple and heavenly to eat, keto raspberry cheesecake is a great Sunday lunch dessert. I put the spares in the kid’s lunch boxes and send to school for morning tea. It will also freeze and defrosts like you just made it. I recommend cutting it into the portions you want before freezing. So say we eat 1/4 each time, (cut into four), so I freeze in 1/4 chunks.

Another choice is to use a muffin tin, rather than the flan dish. Should make 8 to 12, depending on the size of your muffins and how much you fill them. Great portion control this way. When you freeze these muffin sized ones they come out like little ice cream cakes. You might want to eat them frozen. My kids love this.

Now, I’ve swapped out the way I am doing recipes. I’m doing them as an image, so you can click on it and copy the image to your own files. For later, you know, for when you want to make it.

A couple of things to note … we don’t have a very sweet tooth in this house, so if you wanted you might add a tablespoon or two of your preferred zero carb sweetener to the filling. Makes it less cream cheesy and more fruity. Also, depends on the sweetness of your flavour choice. Say with lemon, for example, I would always add two tablespoons of sweetener, but with fresh berries, like this one, I didn’t need any. Frozen berries can be sub-ed in too. I would normally add one heaped tablespoon to frozen berries as I find them not as sweet.

I don’t recommend leaving the sweetener out of the base. It’s just not tasty enough without the hint of sweetness. Again, you could add more for a more shortbread like base. If you can’t find LSA mix (I get mine from Aldi) then just use hazelnut flour, or even just go with almond. I like the mix as it gives a nutty texture to the base and a speckled effect.

Now if you like a higher cheesecake, then just increase the base quantities by half and double the filling quantities. Just remember to leave it a little longer to set. If it is mid summer and the cheesecake must travel keep it refrigerated or consider adding some gelatin to the mix for superior hold.

berries berry blur close up
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I hope you enjoy your raspberry cheesecake your way. Topped with cream, berry coulis, yogurt or nude as is. It’s such a treat, that creamy goodness kind of quenches the soul. Just remember to adjust your carb and macro count accordingly. For more keto / low carb and GF recipes go here.

Big squeeze, Le xox

PS for a daily dose of keto + IF love, come join us at Keto Queens Unite! It’s a sweet, non judgemental place to share and learn about keto + IF.


  1. Hi Le,

    Thanks for this recipe. Is there supposed to be vanilla in the filling ingredients as you mention it in the second paragraph of the method. Also, is it vanilla extract or essence please? Thank you.


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