Farewell to Fat | Basic Keto Guides #103 + #104

Hello my lovelies. Two more basic keto guides for you. #103 is all about macros, you know fats, carbs and protein. While #104 is about different keto approaches. Things like clean keto, lazy keto and even dirty keto.

If you missed guides #101 and #102 they are back here.

When I first explored keto I was overwhelmed with information and opinion. I was getting myself a tad confused. So I’ve gone back over my copious amount of notes and am refining them down to single page ‘cheat sheets’ if you will. So far I have done four keto ones, two keto food ones and one intermittent fasting guide. You will find them all on Keto Queens Unite! So come join us.

If you are wanting the keto grocery guide please subscribe and it will be sent to your inbox. As always, just a gentle reminder that this is my pathway, and it may not be yours. I’m sharing these to add value to your journey. Also be sure to grab your own medical advice, from you know a doctor, because I’m not one. Said with love, kindness and zero judgement. Big squeeze, Le xox

Ps if you are wanting a great keto friendly savoury scroll go here for my fathead scrolls – bacon and cheese – yummo!


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