Review | Melinda’s Red Velvet Cake Mix

Dreaming of a Red Velvet cake, but not good with gluten, well then read on! I wanted to make a birthday cake for my niece so I grabbed this Red Velvet gluten free Cake Mix by Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies. It was a cinch to make and came out beautiful. I have never had a single fail with Melinda’s range. I think I must have been born in the South, as I adore Red Velvet.

Here is the finished product. I dressed her up for a girly party with the macarons from Coles and some strawberry choc coated marshmallows. Such a lazy cook am I.

num num num
  • Prep 10 easy minutes
  • Cook 50 minutes
  • Skill – easy peasy
  • Makes a 7”cake or 12 muffins
  • Kid friendly
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan variations

As you know from my Gingerloaf post, I love Melinda and want to share the love with you. Whether you run a gluten free family like we do, or want a gluten free cake to take to a coeliac friend or you just think gluten free is the way to go, Melinda has done the thinking for you.

So lets make this gem of a cake come to life.

Verdict – very southern USA Red Velvet goodness. Great consistency, good flavour, very cake-y and no one knew it was gluten free.

While we stay home to stay safe, get your Melinda’s Red Velvet Cake Mix from the GF Pantry. The name behind the Melinda‚Äôs range is a real Melinda, Melinda Trembath. Melinda is a qualified nutritionist and it was through her own battle as a coeliac that she created gluten-free products. So out of necessity a business was born. Products are made right here in Australia so you are assured of the quality and workplace practices.

Follow the instructions on the box as they are super accurate. Add your own touches like I did with the ‘extra’ toppings, or go old school simple glam with the included icing mix. Before you know it your southern drawl will be calling for extra sweet tea on the porch as you enjoy this Red Velvet delight. Cheers Le

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