Rewind | July 2020

Hello my lovelies, welcome to the July rewind. Where did July go, it just whizzed by.


Yes, COVID19 is still with us, and worse in some parts of Australia. Plus, some silly young women went to Melbourne, didn’t declare it and bought COVID19 back into Brisbane. Shameful behaviour and some questionable choices, but young right.

As a family we are living by the ‘stay home, stay safe message’ for the most part. We are not going anywhere, except school, work and relatives. The movies, eating out or extended excursions to anywhere have little to zero appeal right now. So, instead I have turned my attention to online activities and being an all-star in the kitchen. I even wrote Part 2 of my Farewell to Fat story, the Numbers Go Down.

So July finds me in my healthy height – weight range. I am blown away by this. Until you have been significantly overweight for some time, this won’t seem like a big deal, but it is. Here is a silly little time lapse video that my son filmed to celebrate this achievement. This outfit is symbolic, as it’s my first size 12 exercise leggings. The top is a size 16 that I bought last year, but only this week did I buy the matching bottoms. Present for me, love me.


As a no longer working mum, still a mum, but not really working, it is an absolute joy and novelty to spend 2 hours making kitchen magic happen. Plus of course I am finding keto alternatives for all I / we love and that takes a bit of effort. In July I covered off on five seed cracker, donut holes, cheese and bacon scrolls, lemon cookies and a low carb muffin mix from a box!


As my weight loss settles, I am more amazed by the other benefits associated with keto and intermittent fasting.

Here I talk about my top five non weight related keto benefits. In July I also finished my 30 day Rebecca-Louise challenge. I talk about my results here. Plus, I have written some basic keto guides that you can find here.

I am also really proud of the wee Facebook group that I have created. Come visit us and join other women exploring, learning and practising keto and intermittent fasting. We are at Keto Queens Unite!

On a completely unrelated front I did a wee slide show of our beautiful dalmatian Bo. She is very gorgeous, in that black and white way, so go here to say hi to Bo. She is 10 in October and yesterday at the dog off leash area she showed off like a puppy, jumping the creek and bouncing around the boulders. She now has a fat foot, all swollen and sore. So not really a puppy anymore! Join the club of #not34anymore

So how was your July, do tell! Here is my July in rewind. In the update video I share where I am at weight wise and right at the end there is a ‘face comparison’ from 2018 to now. It’s worth having a look as you may not recognise one of me.

July in pictures ….

Wishing you a wonderful August. Stay safe, engaged and healthy. I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even LinkedIn. And not to forget Pinterest!! Love me a good pin! Plus I have an ever growing collection of YouTube videos too. Life is good.

Big squeeze, Le xox

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