Recipe | Keto Passionfruit Butter

Hello there my lovelies. A new keto friendly recipe today. I have long been a lover of lemon and passionfruit butter. But it had all been off limits due to the dreaded sugar.

Passionfruit is in my top five flavours. So when I came across this recipe I thought I can keto-ise that no worries. And I did. Introducing Keto Passionfruit Butter.

Super simple, a little time consuming and heavenly to eat, keto passionfruit butter is my new go to thing. Once made, I pile this stuff on macaroons (made with the egg whites left from this recipe), I add it to cream cheese to make a passionfruit cheesecake, throw it in to the kids breakfast bowl and as soon as I perfect keto ice-cream it will go on that too.

Now, I’ve swapped out the way I am doing recipes. I’m doing them as an image, so you can click on it and copy the image to your own files. For later, you know for when you want to make it. Tell me which format is better. The two below are the same recipe, just different styles. I liked one better than the other, while my test audience (the Mr) like the other. So I thought, damn, share both! Now you can tell me which one is preferred. Thanks!

pomegranate fruits

I hope you enjoy your passionfruit butter your way. It’s such a treat, that buttery goodness kind of quenches the soul. For more keto / low carb and GF recipes go here.

Big squeeze, Le xox

PS for a daily dose of keto + IF love, come join us at Keto Queens Unite! It’s a sweet, non judgemental place to share and learn about keto + IF.


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