Farewell to Fat | Part 2 | The Numbers Go Down

Farewell to Fat is my weight gain and weight loss story … I hope that by sharing my understandings of ‘what went on’ that I might add value to your pathway to a healthier you …

Hello there, it’s me, Le. This is my story about saying farewell to fat, finding myself accidentally overweight at 52 and how my weight loss journey has resulted in me loosing 25kgs, (55 pounds) in the last wee while.

My Last normal year at 49 years old

At 49 years, I didn’t know it then, but it was my last ‘normal weight year’. Like most women I had a weight range I considered ok for me. But, I moved beyond that range. My weight gain peaked in October 2018, at 83kgs (183 pounds). Now at 53 years, in July 2020, I have lost the best part of 25kgs / 55 pounds and I know in my heart and mind I have said ‘farewell to fat’. I have detailed the story of the numbers going up here, in part 1 of my Farewell to Fat story.

Turning my numbers around

I have turned my numbers around …. There is no miracle, no magic potion, no radical medical intervention. I just got scared and took action. The action I took was I educated myself, moved more and ate differently.

I did a video here on my health issues. Besides being overweight, I had an under-preforming thyroid, an auto immune disease in both eyes, carpel tunnel in both wrists, occasional high blood pressure and an iron deficiency. The thyroid, eyes and wrists are all auto immune / inflammation orientated. Plus during the weight gain time I went into the peri-menopausal hormonal fun house. I am now out the other side of that joy ride.

Finding Dr Libby, like Nemo only better

As much as the weight gain was a total bummer, it was the fear that I no longer recognised or could control my own bodily responses that spurred me on … thank goodness for Dr Libby and her Weight Loss for Women online course … I was empowered by education … and motivated by the reality that my body thought my irises were foreign matter to be destroyed … I mean WTF was going on … I was destroying my own eyes. Suddenly, ‘being fat’ wasn’t my biggest concern.

There is an important lesson here and I was, seemingly, the slowest learner on the block. When I had multiple system failures, eyes, wrists, thyroid, then you might think I would say something like TIME OUT. But I didn’t. I just soldiered on until January 2019. Enter Dr Libby Weaver.

I have a girl crush on Dr Libby, she is quite simply, THE BOMB!

I saw an ad for Dr Libby Weaver and her nine week weight loss for women course. This course was of such incredible value to me that I have popped the promo video above. Dr Libby is not a doctor MD, but is a nutritional biochemist. This woman has an uncanny and uncommon knack of being able to explain functions of the female body with such clarity and insight that it makes sense and is digestible as you sit on the couch listening to her message. She has an innate kindness that shines through at every point and she is a first class story teller. I am a big fan.

Investment in Self

The online course was $299 (Australian $) for 63 days of daily videos, notes, downloads, ebooks and more. Details here. I have zero regrets and am about to redo the course to cement my knowledge. Dr Libby has lots of online stuff that you can find with a simple google search, so you can certainly get a feel for her style and benefit from her knowledge for zero outlay. Plus there is a blog here that is free for all.

Joined a Gym

So I got myself educated and then I joined a gym. The gym was fun and had a body scanner so I could see where things were going. I did well with the combo of gym and eating healthier foods. But I always succumbed to my sweet tooth and then tried to ‘exercise it off’. A loser’s game, even though it worked in part. This time was a roller coaster of sugar highs and lows, of guilt and frantic activity. Then COVID19 came and it was a circuit breaker. I left the gym, learnt about keto and intermittent fasting (IF) and BOOM, I was back in charge. Just like that. Well, after my first four weeks anyway. I wrote about my first four weeks on keto and IF here.

Dates, weights and more

Here’s a wee table with dates, weights, activities and changes.

kgs / pounds
Oct 201883 /183Personal worst weight ever, living in New Zealand
Jan83 /183Back in Brisbane
8 April 80.4 /177104.248.2Joined the Dr Libby Weight Loss for Women 9 week online course
Joined the 12RNDS Gym – using an InBody scanner
The 3kg loss from January was from the hot summer + my labour cleaning house walls
4 May 78.8 /174103.147Doing 3 x 45 minutes 12 Rnds gym sessions each week
1 June 76.8 /169101.544.8First six week challenge at gym
24 June 75.1 /1659844.2Going 4 x 45 minute gym boxing workouts
2 July 74.1 /16398.843.6
30 July 72.9 /16194.742.7
31 Aug71.6/15994.741.1Doing 4 – 5 x 45 minutes 12Rnds sessions per week
5 Oct 71.4/15893.439.3
22 Nov 68.5/15190.838.2
1 Feb 202068.8/15291.339
12 months since my worst weight ever, down 14.2kgs / 31 pounds
Small gain since November , the Christmas Effect
Started watching Thomas DeLauer YouTube videos – so helpful – found keto and IF – did not start yet
18 March 66.3/14687.436.9Nearly 12 months of gym + down 14.1kg / 31 pounds since starting gym
COVID 19 happens, no more gym or InBody scanner
Toe in the water with low carb eating
11 May 64.8/14385My four week home challenge beings – started doing Keto + Intermittent Fasting (IF) properly – read about it here
Left my paid gym, doing free Pop Sugar Fitness on YouTube instead and walking 20 minutes every day up a hill.
8 June 61.8/13680End of home challenge
Loved keto + IF, have found my groove
Total overall loss from January 2019 to June 2020 21.2kgs / 47 pounds
28 June59.4/131Keeping on with keto + IF
Lost 23.6kgs / 52pounds and hoping to never find them again
Started a 30 day free Rebecca-Louise workout plan
Bought myself a FitBit to count steps and check sleep patterns
25 July 58.4/129Lost 24.6kgs / 54 pounds
Now in my healthy height – weight ratio YIPPEEEEE
Finished Rebecca-Louise workouts, now doing Pop Sugar weight and toning online free classes
Started a Facebook group, Keto Queens Unite to share + support other women on keto + IF, or thinking about starting

A picture says a 1000 words, so here are my pics.

I think you can see a difference, right.

More than farewell to fat

What you can’t see is how I feel. I was a smiley, happy person at my fattest and I am a smiley happy person now. But, in addition my eyes are good, my blood pressure is fine, my thyroid is in a normal range (still on meds though), my wrists are un-carpel tunnelled and my iron deficiency is sorted. Think the iron was more about menopause than the weight, but hey, who really knows as everything is so interconnected.

Big News – Keto + Intermittent Fasting

The BIG NEWS is that keto and IF have solved some things that the gym and regular ‘healthy’ eating did not.

  1. My sugar cravings are in a coma and rarely wake up.
  2. My emotional dependency on food is at an all time low. I just don’t seem to go there. So I can look a cinnamon scroll in the face and say ‘nice to see you, but you’re not for me’. I can smell the bakery and appreciate the smell as yummy, but not need to eat it.
  3. No 3pm slump and feel like I am revisiting my pre children hey days of 30 something, not 50 something energy levels. This will no doubt be blood sugar related.

Let’s recap … as I say farewell to fat

Here are the takeaways that have finally put me back in charge of whole myself body, mind and soul. And seen me say farewell to fat for good.

1) I gained some improved knowledge about how things work for me. Dr Libby and Thomas DeLauer, thankyou!

2) I found a sustainable way to move my body, that only costs my time, with no special gear, membership or timetable. Go the free online fitness YouTubes and walking the streets, in a good way.

3) I have an eating style, keto and an eating pattern, IF that addresses my sugar cravings and emotional dependency on food, and is so simple I can make it a long term thing without feeling any sense of deprivation or loss. Plus no special shakes, supplements or such required, and the ingredients are readily available.

Want to know more … well I’d love to share. Give me your questions. Follow along here, subscribe or just drop on by, or come play with a group of like minded women at Keto Queens Unite or see me on YouTube. As you may rightly note I am a little evangelistic about this and want to share my story, as perhaps part of my story may help you on your pathway to well being. Shared with love and kindness, and zero judgement, Le xox

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